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    edited by Jeffrey S. Smith, Daniel J. Burke.
    Yeast transformation by the LiAc/SS carrier DNA/PEG method / R. Daniel Gietz -- Tetrad, random spore, and molecular analysis of meiotic segregation and recombination / Michael Lichten -- PCR mutagenesis and gap repair in yeast / Mark Weir and Jill B. Keeney -- PCR-mediated epitope tagging of genes in yeast / Radhika Mathur and Peter Kaiser -- Manipulating the yeast genome : deletion, mutation, and tagging by PCR / Jennifer M. Gardner and Sue L. Jaspersen -- Preparation of yeast cells for live-cell imaging and indirect immunofluorescence / Lucy F. Pemberton -- Single yeast cell imaging / Heimo Wolinski and Sepp D. Kohlwein -- Microfluidic platforms for generating dynamic environmental perturbations to study the responses of single yeast cells / Anjali Bisaria, Pascal Hersen, and Megan N. McClean -- Using two-hybrid interactions to identify separation-of- function mutations / Brian Haarer and David C. Amberg -- Synthetic genetic array analysis for global mapping of genetic networks in yeast / Elena Kuzmin [and six others] -- Chemical genetic and chemogenomic analysis in yeast / Namal V. C. Coorey [and three others] -- Phenomic assessment of genetic buffering by kinetic analysis of cell arrays / John Rodgers, Jingyu Guo, and John L. Hartman IV -- Detection of short-range chromatin interactions by chromosome conformation capture (3C) in yeast / Badri Nath Singh and Michael Hampsey -- Chromosome conformation capture (3C) of tandem arrays in yeast / Maria D. Mayán and Luis Aragón -- Global analysis of transcription factor-binding sites in yeast using ChIP-Seq / Philippe Lefrançois, Jennifer E. G. Gallagher, and Michael Snyder -- High-density tiling microarray analysis of the full transcriptional activity of yeast / Lior David, Sandra Clauder-Münster, and Lars M. Steinmetz -- Analysis of silencing in Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Andrew Miller and Ann L. Kirchmaier -- A user's guide to the ribosomal DNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Joseph M. Johnson, Jeffrey S. Smith, and David A. Schneider -- Two-dimensional agarose gel electrophoresis for analysis of DNA replication / Sandra K. Villwock and Oscar M. Aparicio -- Replicative life span analysis in budding yeast / George L. Sutphin, Joe R. Delaney, and Matt Kaeberlein -- Metabolomic and lipidomic analyses of chronologically aging yeast / Vincent R. Richard, Simon D. Bourque, and Vladimir I. Titorenko.
    Digital Access  Springer 2014