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  • Book
    edited by Lin He.
    Digital : Springer2015
    Current status and future prospects of mass spectrometry imaging of small molecules / Victoria L. Brown and Lin He -- Sample preparation for 3D SIMS chemical imaging of cells / Nicholas Winograd and Anna Bloom -- TOF-SIMS imaging of lipids on rat brain sections / David Touboul and Alain Brunelle -- MALDI-MS-assisted molecular imaging of metabolites in legume plants / Erin Gemperline and Lingjun Li -- MALDI mass spectrometry imaging of lipids and primary metabolites on rat brain sections / David Touboul and Alain Brunelle -- Multiplex MALDI-MS imaging of plant metabolites using a hybrid MS system / Andrew R. Korte [and 3 others] -- DESI imaging of small molecules in biological tissues / Elaine C. Cabral and Demian R. Ifa -- Desorption electrospray ionization imaging of small organics on mineral surfaces / Rachel V. Bennett and Facundo M. Fernández-- Imaging of plant materials using indirect desoprtion electrospray ionization mass spectrometry / Christian Janfelt -- Imaging of lipids and metabolites using nanospray desorption electropray ionization mass spectrometry / Ingela Lanekoff and Julia Laskin -- Electrospray laser desorption ionization (ELDI) mass spectrometry for molecular imaging of small molecules on tissues / Min-Zong Huang, Siou-Sian Jhang, and Jentaie Shiea -- Automated cell-by-cell tissue imaging and single-cell analysis for targeted morphologies by laser ablation electrospray ionization mass spectrometry / Hang Li [and 4 others] -- Laser ablation sample transfer for mass spectrometry imaging / Sung-Gun Park and Kermit K. Murray -- Nanostructure imaging mass spectrometry : the role of fluorocarbons in metabolite analysis and yoctomole level sensitivity / Michael E. Kurczy [and 3 others] -- Nanostructure-initiator mass spectrometry (NIMS) for molecular mapping of animal tissues / Tara N. Moening, Victoria L. Brown, and Lin He -- Nanoparticle-assisted laser desorption/ionization for metabolite imaging / Michihiko Waki [and 4 others] -- Matrix-enhanced surface-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (ME-SALDI-MS) for mass spectrometry imaging of small molecules / Victoria L. Brown, Qiang Liu, and Lin He -- Laser desorption postionization mass spectrometry imaging of biological targets / Artem Akhmetov, Chhavi Bhardwaj, and Luke Hanley -- Data processing and analysis for mass spectrometry imaging / Jiangjiang Liu, Xingchuang Xiong, and Zheng Ouyang.