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    edited by Francesca Storici.
    RecTEPsy-mediated recombineering in Pseudomonas syringae / Bryan Swingle - Genome manipulations with bacterial recombineering and site-specific integration in Drosophila / Yi Zhang, William Schreiner, and Yikang S. Rong -- Multiple genetic manipulations of DT40 cell line / Akira Motegi and Minoru Takata -- Gene targeting of human pluripotent stem cells by homologous recombination / Sara E. Howden and James A. Thomson -- Methods for the assessment of ssODN-mediated gene correction frequencies in muscle cells / Carmen Bertoni -- Small fragment homologous replacement (SFHR) : sequence-specific modification of genomic DNA in eukaryotic cells by small DNA fragments/ Andrea Luchetti, Arianna Malgieri, and Federica Sangiuolo -- Preparation and application of triple helix forming oligonucleotides and single strand oligonucleotide donors for gene correction / Md. Rowshon Alam ... [et al.] -- Triplex-mediated genome targeting and editing / Faisal Reza and Peter M. Glazer -- Targeting piggyBac transposon integrations in the human genome / Daniel L. Galvan, Claudia S. Kettlun, and Matthew H. Wilson -- Gene targeting in human-induced pluripotent stem cells with adenoviral vectors / Kohnosuke Mitani -- Enhanced gene targeting of adult and pluripotent stem cells using evolved adeno-associated virus / Melissa A. Bartel and David V. Schaffer -- Lentiviral vectors encoding zinc-finger nucleases specific for the model target locus HPRT1 / Laetitia P.L. Pelascini and Manuel A.F.V. Gonçalves -- Designing and testing the activities of TAL effector nucleases / Yanni Lin, Thomas J. Cradick, and Gang Bao -- Bacterial one-hybrid system to isolate homing endonuclease variants with altered DNA target specificities / Rakesh Joshi and Frederick S. Gimble -- Design and analysis of site-specific single-strand nicking endonucleases for gene correction / Michael J. Metzger and Michael T. Certo -- CRISPR-Cas-mediated targeted genome editing in human cells / Luhan Yang ... [et al.] -- RNA-guided genome editing of mammalian cells / Neena K. Pyzocha ... [et al.] -- Nuclease-mediated double-strand break (DSB) enhancement of small fragment homologous recombination (SFHR) gene modification in human- induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) / R. Geoffrey Sargent, Shingo Suzuki, and Dieter C. Gruenert -- AAV-mediated gene editing via double-strand break repair / Matthew L. Hirsch and R. Jude Samulski -- Genetic modification stimulated by the induction of a site- specific break distant from the locus of correction in haploid and diploid yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Samantha Stuckey and Francesca Storici -- Southern blot protocol to detect chimeric nuclease- mediated gene repair / Céline J. Rocca ... [et al.] -- High-throughput cellular screening of engineered nuclease activity using the single-strand annealing assay and luciferase reporter / Thomas J. Cradick, Christopher J. Antico, and Gang Bao -- Unbiased method for detection of genome-wide off- target effects in cell lines treated with zinc finger nucleases / Cory R. Lindsay and David B. Roth -- Identification of off-target cleavage sites of zinc finger nucleases and TAL effector nucleases using predictive models / Eli J. Fine, Thomas J. Cradick, and Gang Bao -- Method for retinal gene repair in neonatal mouse / Marilyn Dernigoghossian ... [et al.] -- In utero delivery of oligodeoxynucleotides for gene correction / Lingzhi Cai ... [et al.] -- Portal vein delivery of viral vectors for gene therapy for hemophilia / Alexandra Sherman ... [et al.] -- Gene correction of induced pluripotent stem cells derived from a murine model of x-linked chronic granulomatous disorder / Sayandip Mukherjee and Adrian J. Thrasher -- Efficient transduction of hematopoietic stem cells and its potential for gene correction of hematopoietic diseases / Dolly Thomas and Gustavo Mostoslavsky.
    Digital Access  Springer 2014