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    edited by Michael F. Ochs, Department of Mathematics & Statistics, the College of New Jersey, Wing, NJ, USA.
    The Present State and Future Direction of Integrated Gene Function Analysis -- Performing Integrative Functional Genomics Analysis in -- Functional Annotation of Differentially Regulated Gene Set Using WebGestalt: A Gene Set Predictive of Response to Ipilimumab in Tumor Biopsies -- Integrative Data-Mining Tools to Link Gene and Function -- Detection of Driver Protein Complexes in Breast Cancer Metastasis by Large-Scale Transcriptome-Interactome Integration -- Pattern Identification in Time-Course Gene Expression Data with the CoGAPS Matrix Factorization -- Statistical Tools and R Software for Cancer Driver Probabilities -- Predicting the Functional Consequences of Somatic Missense Mutations Found in Tumors -- Determining the Effect of DNA Methylation on Gene Expression in Cancer Cells -- Reverse Engineering Transcriptional Gene Networks -- Integrating In Silico Resources to Map a Signaling Network -- A Method for Inducible Gene Over-Expression and Down-Regulation in Emerging Model Species Using Pogostick -- Construction and Application of Site-Specific Artificial Nucleases for Targeted Gene Editing -- Selection of Recombinant Antibodies from Antibody Gene Libraries -- Construction of Simple and Efficient siRNA Validation Systems for Screening and Identification of Effective RNAi-Targeted Sequences from Mammalian Genes -- Rapid Genetic Modification of Mouse Embryonic Stem Cells by Inducible Cassette Exchange Recombination -- In Ovo Electroporation of miRNA-Based-Plasmids to Investigate Gene Function in the Developing Neural Tube -- Proteomic Strategies: SILAC and 2D-DIGE--Powerful Tool to Investigate Cellular Alterations -- Conditional Gene-Trap Mutagenesis in Zebrafish.
    Digital Access  Springer 2014