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    edited by Jose M. Guisan.
    New opportunities for immobilization of enzymes / Jose M. Guisan -- Immobilization of enzymes : a literature survey / Beatriz Brena, Paula González-Pombo, and Francisco Batista-Viera -- Glutaraldehyde-mediated protein immobilization / Fernando López-Gallego, Jose M. Guisán, and Lorena Betancor -- Immobilization of enzymes on monofunctional and heterofunctional epoxy-activated supports / Cesar Mateo, Valeria Grazu, and Jose M. Guisan -- Stabilization of enzymes by multipoint covalent immobilization on supports activated with glyoxyl groups / Fernando López-Gallego ... [et al.] -- Oriented covalent immobilization of enzymes on heterofunctional-glyoxyl supports / Cesar Mateo ... [et al.] -- Reversible covalent immobilization of enzymes via disulfide bonds / Karen Ovsejevi, Carmen Manta, and Francisco Batista-Viera -- Immobilization of Candida rugosa lipase on superparamagnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles for biocatalysis in low-water media / Joyeeta Mukherjee, Kusum Solanki, and Munishwar Nath Gupta -- Immobilization of enzymes by bioaffinity layering / Veena Singh, Meryam Sardar, and Munishwar Nath Gupta -- Immobilization of enzymes on magnetic beads through affinity interactions / Audrey Sassolas, Akhtar Hayat, and Jean-Louis Marty -- Tips for the functionalization of nanoparticles with antibodies / Ester Polo ... [et al.] -- Design and characterization of functional nanoparticles for enhanced bio-performance / Pablo del Pino, Scott G. Mitchell, and Beatriz Pelaz -- Immobilization of enzymes on ethynyl-modified electrodes via click chemistry / Akhtar Hayat ... [et al.] -- Modification of carbon nanotube electrodes with 1-pyrenebutanoic acid, succinimidyl ester for enhanced bioelectrocatalysis / Guinevere Strack ... [et al.] -- Enzyme immobilization by entrapment within a gel network / Audrey Sassolas, Akhtar Hayat, and Jean-Louis Marty -- Practical protocols for lipase immobilization via sol-gel techniques / Manfred T. Reetz -- Improving lipase activity by immobilization and post-immobilization strategies / Jose M. Palomo ... [et al.] -- High activity preparations of lipases and proteases for catalysis in low water containing organic solvents and ionic liquids / Ipsita Roy ... [et al.] -- Biomedical applications of immobilized enzymes : an update / Marta Pastor, Amaia Esquisabel, and José Luis Pedraz -- Immobilization of whole cells by chemical vapor deposition of silica / Susan R. Sizemore ... [et al.] -- Encapsulation of cells in alginate gels / Pello Sánchez ... [et al.] -- Microalgal immobilization methods / Ignacio Moreno-Garrido -- Therapeutic applications of encapsulated cells / Argia Acarregui ... [et al.] -- Whole cell entrapment techniques / Jorge A. Trelles and Cintia W. Rivero.
    Digital Access  Springer 2013