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    volume editors, Madhukar Misra, Shigeki Toma, Takahiro Shinzato.
    History of the buttonhole technique / Misra, M -- The impact of buttonhole cannulation on patients and staff in hemodialysis facilities / Ogawa, T., Harada, E., Kanayama, Y., Tanabe, A., Inamura, M., Kiba, T., Shimizu, T., Iwashita, T., Tayama, Y., Matsuda, A., Hasegawa, H -- Buttonhole tunnel tract creation with the bioholer buttonhole device / King, J. -- Causes and solutions of the trampoline effect / Miwa, M., Ota, N., Ando, C., Miyazaki, Y -- A new method that enables complete removal of scabs at buttonhole entry sites / Shinzato, T., Sasaki, M., Ota, N., Shibata, K., Fukui, H.,Toma, S., Maeda, K. -- Deformity of buttonhole entry site causes higher frequency of vascular access-related infection / Sato, S., Sakai, N., Ohkuri, K., Shinzato, T., Sasaki, M., Nakai, S., Toma, S -- Relationship between years elapsed after initial buttonhole cannulation and frequency of vascular access-related infections / Toma, S -- Long-term safety of buttonhole cannulation and efficacy of mupirocin prophylaxis / Agarwal, A., Nesrallah, G -- Application of buttonhole cannulation technique to surgically superficialized arteries / Hayakawa, K., Sugiyama, D., Tanaka, H., Shinohara, S., Ohki, T., Muraoka, A., Miwa, M.
    Digital Access  Karger 2015