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    Julia R. Nunley, Edgar V. Lerma, editors.
    Genodermatoses / Erin L. Reese
    Metabolic disorders / Davida A. Kornreich
    Hepatitis viruses / Ivy I. Norris and Cindy England Owen
    Human immunodeficiency virus / Caroline Y. Winslow and Francisco A. Kerdel
    Rheumatologic conditions / Kseniya Golubets, Dan Ilkovitch, and Lisa M. Grandinetti
    Xerosis / Connie M. Wu, Annie M. Wu, Jenna Lester, and Leslie Robinson-Bostom
    Pruritus in chronic kidney disease / Ehsan Azimi, Ethan A. Lerner, and Sarina B. Elmariah
    Dyschromias in renal disease / Mwatsveruka N. Munhutu and Rebat M. Halder
    Calcinosis cutis / Mitalee P. Christman and Daniela Kroshinsky
    Calciphylaxis / Julio C. Sartori-Valinotti and Mark Davis
    Acquired perforating disorders / Mieke L.F. Flour and Dirk R.J. Kuypers
    Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis / Avery LaChance, Ali K. Abu-Alfa, and Shawn E. Cowper
    Blistering disorders (Porphyria cutanea tarda and Pseudoporphyria) / Christine A. DeWitt, Kara M. Trapp, and Melissa A. Muszynski
    Nail diseases among renal patients / Avner Shemer, Nicole Sakka, and C. Ralph Daniel III
    Alopecias / Kimberly Scott Salkey
    Uremic frost / Kristie Lynn Slivka Delaney, Edgar V. Lerma, and Julia R. Nunley
    Infections in the kidney transplant recipient / James D. Russell and Calvin O. McCall
    Cutaneous malignancies / Melina B. Chu, Brandon T. Beal, and Ian A. Maher
    Miscellaneous drug related adverse effects / Punam H. Patel and Krista L. Donohoe
    Drug dosing in patients with chronic kidney disease and dermatological diseases / Ali J. Olyaei and Edgar V. Lerma.
    Digital Access Springer 2015