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    volume editors, Jeremy Allgrove, Nick J. Shaw.
    Voyages of discovery / Allgrove, J.
    Physiology of calcium, phosphate, magnesium and vitamin D / Allgrove, J.
    Physiology of bone / Grabowski, P.
    Radiology of osteogenesis imperfecta, rickets and other bony fragility states / Calder, A.D.
    Bone densitometry : current status and future perspective / Crabtree, N.; Ward K.
    A practical approach to hypocalcaemia in children / Shaw, N.J.
    Approach to the child with hypercalcaemia / Davies, J.H.
    A practical approach to vitamin D deficiency and rickets / Allgrove, J.; Shaw, N.J.
    A practical clinical approach to pediatric phosphate disorders / Imel, E.A. ; Carpenter, T.O.
    Primary osteoporosis / Arundel, P. ; Bishop, N.
    Osteoporosis in children with chronic disease / Hgler, W. ; Ward, L.
    Genetics of osteoporosis in children / van Dijk, F.S.
    A practical approach to children with recurrent fractures / Korula, S.; Titmuss, A.T.; Biggin A.; Munns, C.F.
    Miscellaneous bone disorders / Mughal, M.Z.; Padidela, R.
    Skeletal aspects of non-accidental injury / Johnson, K.; Bradshaw, K.
    Skeletal dysplasias: an overview / Offiah, A.C
    Drugs used in paediatric bone and calcium disorders / Cheung, M.S.
    Classification of disorders of bone and calcium metabolism / Allgrove J.
    Case histories / Katugampola, H. ; Saraff, V.; Kumaran, A. ; Allgrove, J.; Shaw, N.J.
    Digital Access Karger 2015