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    volume editors, Jørgen Serup, Nicolas Kluger, Wolfgang Bäumler.
    The tattooed and the social environment. The cultural heritage of tattooing: a brief history
    Epidemiology of tattoos in industrialized countries
    The practise of tattooing. Tattoo machines, needles and utilities
    The technique and craftsmanship of tattooing in the professional tattoo parlour
    Tattoo as art, the drivers behind the fascination and the decision to become tattooed
    Personal records from my tattoo parlour: deep emotions drawn as life-long pictures on the skin's canvas
    Tattooist-customer relationships in a diversified environment of professional tattooists and 'scratchers'
    Tattoos and adverse events. Tattoo complaints and complications: diagnosis and clinical spectrum
    Complications of cosmetic tattoos
    Chronic tattoo reactions cause reduced quality of life equaling cumbersome skin diseases
    Contraindications for tattooing
    Laser tattoo removal, precautions, and unwanted effects
    Nano-scale observations of tattoo pigments in skin by atomic force microscopy
    Manufacturing, materials and properties of marketed tattoo ink stock products. Manufacturing of tattoo ink products today and in future
    The realistic variables underlying true safety in tattoo pigment manufacturing
    Making innovative tattoo ink products with improved safety: possible and impossible ingredients in practical usage
    Tailored surface engineering of pigments by layer-by-layer coating
    Ingredients, chemical analysis and safety of marketed tattoo ink stock products. Chemical purity and toxicology of pigments used in tattoo inks
    Survey on european studies of the chemical characterisation of tattoo ink products and the measurement of potentially harmful ingredients
    Tattoo inks: legislation, pigments, metals and chemical analysis
    The challenges and limitations of chemical analysis of particulate pigments of very low solubility
    Photostability and breakdown products of pigments currently used in tattoo inks
    Carbon black nanoparticles and other problematic constituents of black ink and their potential to harm tattooed humans
    Absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of tattoo colorants and ingredients in mouse and man: the known and the unknown
    Towards the limiting of health risks associated with tattooing: whitelists for tattoo pigments and preservatives
    Survey of studies on microbial contamination of marketed tattoo inks
    Regulation of and intervention in the tattoo business. The European landscape of national regulations of tattoo inks and businesses
    Implementation of European Council Resolution ResAP(2008)1 in Italy. National and regional regulation of tattoo practices: diversity and challenges
    EU actions to ensure the safety of tattoos and the protection of consumers
    Surveillance of tattoo-related adverse events by the EU RAPEX System and by national monitoring
    The Amsterdam model for control of tattoo parlours and businesses
    Hygiene standards for tattooists
    Hygiene standards in the tattoo parlour and practices for prevention of infection
    Seamless prevention of adverse events from tattooing: integrated strategy emphasising the customer-tattooist interaction
    Regulation of tattoo ink production and the tattoo business.
    Digital Access Karger 2015