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    [edited by] Shokei Yamada.
    Introduction to the tethered cord syndrome / Shokei Yamada -- Normal spinal cord development and the embryogenesis of spinal cord tethering malformations / Mark S. Dias and Elias B. Rizk -- Pathophysiology of the tethered cord syndrome / Shokei Yamada ... [et al.] -- Neurologic assessment of tethered spinal cord / Sanford Schneider -- Imaging of tethered spinal cord / David B. Hinshaw ... [et al.] -- Ultrasonographic evaluation of tethered cord syndrome / Marvin D. Nelson Jr -- Urological aspect of tethered cord syndrome I : lower urinary tract dysfunction in tethered cord syndrome / H. Roger Hadley ... [et al.] -- Urological aspect of tethered cord syndrome II : clinical experience in urological involvement with tethered cord syndrome / Antoine E. Khoury -- The cervical tethered spinal cord / Kenji Muro, Arthur J. DiPatri Jr., and David G. McLone -- Indication and treatment of tethered spinal cord / James M. Drake and Harold J. Hoffman. Tethered cord syndrome associated with myelomeningoceles and lipomyelomeningoceles / Shokei Yamada ... [et al.] -- The role of folate supplementation in spina bifida occulta / Elias Rizk and Bermans J. Iskandar -- In utero repair of myelomeningoceles / Nalin Gupta -- Epidermoid and dermoid tumors associated with tethered cord syndrome / David S. Knierim, Daniel J. Won, and Shokei Yamada -- Tethered cord syndrome in adult and late-teenage patients without neural spinal dysraphism / Shokei Yamada ... [et al.] -- Tethered cord syndrome in adults with spina bifida occulta / Sharad Rajpal, Samir B. Lapsiwala, and Bermans J. Iskandar -- The normal position of the conus medullaris does not exclude a tethered spinal cord / R. Shane Tubbs and W. Jerry Oakes -- Anomalies of the spinal cord length and filum thickness / Shokei Yamada, Javed Siddiqi, and Shoko M. Yamada -- Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring of the lower sacral nerve roots and spinal cord / Dachling Pang -- Clinical neurophysiology of tethered cord syndrome and other dysraphic syndromes / Robin L. Gilmore, Sun Ik Lee, and John Walsh -- Conservative versus surgical treatment and prognostic evaluation for tethered cord syndrome / Shokei Yamada ... [et al.].