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    Paul R. Barach, Jeffery P. Jacobs, Steven E. Lipshultz, Laussen, Peter C. Laussen, editors.
    Summary: This book is the second in a two-volume set of textbooks and focuses on quality improvement and patient safety, supporting the coverage of outcomes analysis in its sister title. There has been a huge research effort undertaken in pediatric cardiac care to understand and measure what is done, to establish collaborative definitions and tools of measurement, and to determine robust benchmarks and methodologies to analyze outcomes. This book concentrates on implementation science in terms of continuous quality improvements and safety science and systems. Pediatric and Congenital Cardiac Care: Volume 2 - Quality Improvement and Patient Safety reveals the remarkable developments that have been seen in the fields of pediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery. This unique collaboration between four Editors from disparate medical disciplines (cardiac surgery, cardiology, anesthesia, and critical care) incorporates an international community of scholarship with articles by luminaries and cutting edge thinkers on the current and future status of pediatric and congenital cardiac care. The goal of this and its companion volume is to understand and advance the profession and its activities, to use common terms, and to improve the management of risk and safety in order to enhance pediatric and congenital cardiac care.

    Selection, Training and Mentoring of Cardiac Surgeons
    Improving Pediatric Cardiac Care with Continuous Quality Improvement Methods and Tools
    Quality Improvement in Pediatric Cardiology: The National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative
    Teams, Team Training, and the Role of Simulation
    The Cardiac Intensive Care Unit and Operating Room Continuum: Quality and Safety in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
    Professional Formation of Physicians Focused on Improving Care
    Surgical Volume and Outcome Relationship in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
    The Pediatric Perioperative Cardiac Arrest (POCA) Registry
    Reporting in Pediatric Resuscitation: Get With the Guidelines-Resuscitation Registry
    Addressing Nutrition and Growth in Children with Congenital Heart Disease
    Patients as Observers and Reporters in Support of Systems and Patient Safety
    Failure to Rescue and Failure to Perceive in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery: Lessons Learned from Aviation
    Quality Improvement in Noninvasive Imaging?Present and Future Initiatives
    Improving Clinical Outcomes in Pediatric Cardiology
    The Impact of Continuous Quality Improvement on Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
    Leadership and Quality Improvement
    A Brief Description of the Role of the Federal Government in the Improvement of Healthcare Costs and Quality in the United States
    Lessons Learned from the Public
    Inquiry into Children's Heart Surgery at the Bristol Royal Infirmary and the English Safe and Sustainable Cardiac Review
    Lean in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit
    Local Improvement Teams
    Implementation Science?The Next Frontier
    Leadership, Surgeon Well-Being and Other Non-Technical Aspects of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
    Quality and Safety in a Children's Hospital
    The Children?s Hospital of Michigan Quality and Safety Journey: Making Safety First and Making It Last
    Resilience and Systems Engineering
    Measuring and Assessing Adverse Medical Events
    The Role of Communication and Patient Handovers in Pediatric Cardiac Care Centers
    The Role of Technology and Medical Devices in Enhancing Pediatric Cardiac Critical Care Outcomes
    Human Factors and Outcomes in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery
    Information Management and Hospital Enterprise Information Systems
    Towards Effective Data Utilization in Congenital Cardiac Critical Care
    Clinical Decision Making
    Design of Cardiac Surgery Operating Rooms and the Impact of the Built Environment
    Simulation-Based Training to Enhance Patient Safety in Pediatric Cardiovascular Care
    Epilogue ?A Vision for the Future.
    Digital Access Springer 2015