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    G. David Perkin, Douglas C. Miller, Russell J.M. Lane, Maneesh C. Patel, Fred H. Hochberg.
    Digital : ScienceDirect2011
    Neurological investigation -- Motor neurone and peripheral nerve diseases -- Myopathies and myasthenia -- Cerebrovascular disease : cerebral infarction -- Cerebral haemorrhage and other cerebrovascular disorders -- Dementia syndromes -- Extra pyramidal disorders -- Intracranial tumours : paraneoplastic (non-metastatic) neurological syndromes -- Spinal tumours and paraneoplastic disorders -- Developmental and familial disorders -- Pain syndromes and trauma -- Infections -- Multiple sclerosis and other demyelinating disorders -- Spinal disorders -- Cranial neuropathies -- Neurological aspects of systemic disease -- Epilepsy.