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    Kumar Selvarajoo.
    Summary: Immuno Systems Biology aims to study the immune system in the more integrated manner on how cells and molecules participate at different system levels to the immune function. Through this book Kumar Selvarajoo introduces to physicists, chemists, computer scientists, biologists and immunologists the idea of an integrated approach to the understanding of mammalian immune system. Geared towards a researcher with limited immunological and computational analytical experience, the book provides a broad overview to the subject and some instruction in basic computational, theoretical and experimental approaches.

    Systems biology of population cell response
    Perturbation-response approach for biological network analysis
    Basics of the mammalian immune system
    Inferring novel features of the TLR4 pathways
    Signaling Flux Redistribution
    Investigating the TLR3 signaling dynamics
    Understanding TNFR1 signaling dynamics
    TRAIL signaling in cancer
    Stochasticity and variability: insights from single cell dynamics
    Investigating single cell stochasticity in TRAIL signaling
    The distinction between single cell and population dynamics
    Finding chaos in biology
    Concluding remarks.
    Digital Access Springer 2013