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    editor, Joseph Jankovic.
    Parkinson's disease : medical and surgical treatment / Joseph Jankovic
    Prevention of Parkinson's disease : preparing for the future / Connie Marras
    Initial and disease-modifying strategies in Parkinson's disease / Lawrence W. Elmer & Robert A. Hauser
    Prevention and management of levodopa-related motor complications / Cara A. Pecina & Alberto J. Espay
    Management of non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease / Mark Stacy
    Management of cognitive and behavioral aspects of Parkinson's disease / Joseph H. Friedman
    Surgical therapy for Parkinson's disease / Nawaz Hack & Michael S. Okun
    Experimental therapeutics for motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease / Susan H. Fox & Lorraine V. Kalia
    Parkinson's disease treatment pipelines / Joseph Jankovic
    Multiple choice questions : answers.
    Digital Access Future Med 2013