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    edited by Robert G. Webster, Arnold S. Monto, Thomas J. Braciale, Robert A. Lamb.
    Influenza: perspective -- Human influenza: one health, one world -- Influenza pandemics: history and lessons learned -- Structure and replication -- Structure, disassembly, assembly, and budding of influenza viruses -- The virus genome and its replication -- Influenza glycoproteins: hemagglutinin and neuraminidase -- Proton channels of influenza A and B viruses -- The NS1 protein: a master regulator of host and viral functions -- Structure and function of the influenza virus replication machinery and PB1-F2 -- The genome and its manipulation: recovery of the 1918 virus and vaccine virus generation -- Pathogenesis -- Evolution and ecology of influenza viruses -- Ecology and evolution of influenza viruses in wild and domestic birds -- Influenza in swine -- Equine/canine/feline/seal influenza -- Emergence and evolution of the 1918, 1957, 1968, and 2009 pandemic virus strains -- Epidemiology and surveillance -- Influenza surveillance and laboratory diagnosis -- Epidemiology of influenza -- Immunology of influenza -- Innate immunity -- Antibody-mediated immunity -- Cell-mediated immunity -- Vaccines and vaccine development -- Immunogenicity, efficacy of inactivated/live virus seasonal and pandemic vaccines -- New approaches to vaccination -- Control of influenza in animals -- Influenza vaccine production -- Clinical aspects and antivirals -- Human influenza: pathogenesis, clinical features, and management -- Antivirals: targets and use -- The control of influenza and cost-effectiveness of interventions -- Applications of quantitative modeling to influenza virus transmission dynamics, antigenic and genetic evolution, and molecular structure -- Pandemic preparedness and response -- Influenza: the future -- The outbreak of H7N9.
    Digital Access  Wiley 2013