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    Mikhail G. Kolonin, editor.
    Preface: Obesity, Adipose Tissue and Cancer Progression
    Metabolic Perturbations Associated with Adipose Tissue Dysfunction and the Obesity-Cancer Link
    Increased Adiposity and Colorectal Cancer
    Adiposity and Diabetes in Breast and Prostate Cancer
    Increased Adipocity and Endometrial Cancer Risk
    Adipokines: Soluble Factors from Adipose Tissue Implicated in Cancer
    Animal Models to Study the Interplay between Cancer and Obesity
    Unraveling the local influence of tumor-surrounding adipose tissue on tumor progression: cellular and molecular actors involved
    Trafficking of Cells from Adipose Tissue to Tumor Microenvironment
    The Impact of Obesity Intervention on Cancer: Clinical Perspectives
    Digital Access Springer 2013