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    edited by Victor R. Preedy, Vinood B. Patel, Lan-Ahn Le.
    Sleep and insomnia: setting the scene
    1. Neurologic basis of sleep: an overview / C. Guilleminault
    2. Insomnia / D.L. Arand
    3. Insomnia and sleep medications / S. Randall
    4. Circadian rhythm sleep disorders / T. Lee-Chiong
    5. Gene variants associated with sleep duration: implications for metabolic dysfunction / T. Roenneberg
    Fasting, eating and sleep
    6. Partial sleep deprivation and food intake in men / D. Davenne
    7. Night eating syndrome in obesity / R. Dalle Grave
    8. Postprandial drowsiness in dyspepsia / E.S. Corazziari
    9. Sleep disturbances and eating behaviours in undergraduate students / M.H. Azevedo
    10. Sleeptime diet and bone health / K.E. Scholz-Ahrens
    Metabolism, metabolic syndrome, obesity and sleep
    11. Ghrelin: a gastric peptide linking sleep and energy balance / W.H. Oertel
    12. Partial sleep deprivation and insulin resistance / E. Donga
    13. Sleep deprivation and human energy metabolism / P.D. Penev
    14. Sleep, sedentary activity and weight gain / J.-P. Chaput
    15. Metabolism, metabolic syndrome, obesity and sleep / Y. Harada
    16. Sleep and obesity in children / R. Tauman
    Diseases and conditions associated with altered sleep
    17. Sleep in diabetic patients: a focus on acute and chronic complications of diabetes mellitus affecting sleep / I.A. Harsch
    18. Sleep quantity and quality and the risk of type-2 diabetes / F.P. Cappuccio
    19. Obstructive sleep apnea: diet and lifestyle treatments / H. Tuomilehto
    20. Diabetes mellitus and obstructive sleep apnoea / Y. Peker
    21. Enteral support at sleep time in Crohn's disease / T. Yamamoto
    Foods and nutrients and other factors that disturb sleep
    22. Caffeine, sleep and sleepiness: withdrawal, dependence and tolerance / S. Heatherley
    23. Alcohol and sleep / J. Foster
    24. Vitamin D deficiency, sleep, sleep disruption, and daytime neurocognitive impairment / A.A. Marino
    25. Oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancers and sleep / K.M. Higgins
    26. Sleep-related eating as a side effect of drugs for insomnia / S.-H. Park
    Foods and nutrients that assist sleep
    27. Nutritional supplements and sleep: an overview / R.B. Finesmith
    28. Components in formula milks that improve sleep / C. Barriga
    29. Cherry-enriched diets improve sleep from young to elderly populations / S.D. Paredes
    30. Effect of tart cherry juice beverage on insomnia / W. Pigeon
    31. Branched-chain amino acid-enriched snacks for sleep disturbance / K. Nakao
    32. Human milk nucleotides improve sleep: a focus on circadian profiles / J. Cubero
    33. Tryptophan and sleep: breakfast tryptophan content and sleep / H. Takeuchi.
    Digital Access Springer 2013