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    Peter N. Benotti.
    Summary: "Patient Preparation for Bariatric Surgery provides a comprehensive and state of the art review of all aspects of the patient preparation process, The text reviews current literature and controversies involving sources of referrals and the difficulties encountered by primary care physicians in managing patients with extreme obesity. Strategies for addressing this problem and integrating primary care physicians in comprehensive obesity programs are presented. The text also reviews current indications for surgery and the current patient access limitations that have resulted in the need for revised surgical indications based more on medical need than mere extent of obesity. Written by an authority in the field, Patient Preparation for Bariatric Surgery is a valuable resource for bariatric surgeons, bariatric physicians and all allied health personnel who manage patients with extreme obesity and will assist in the advancement of this area of surgery as well as stimulate new discovery."--Publisher's website.

    Chapter 1. Introduction
    Chapter 2. Indications and Patient Referrals for Bariatric Surgery
    Chapter 3. Patient Education and Informed Consent
    Chapter 4. Initial Medical Evaluation
    Chapter 5. Psychological and Behavioral Evaluation
    Chapter 6. Comprehensive Medical Evaluation
    Chapter 7. Nutrition I: Protein and Vitamins
    Chapter 8. Nutrition II: Minerals
    Chapter 9. Pregnancy
    Chapter 10. Diagnostic Endoscopy: Perioperative
    Chapter 11. Therapeutic Endoscopy
    Chapter 12. Risk Assessment in Bariatric Surgery
    Chapter 13. Management of the High-Risk Bariatric Surgery Candidate
    Chapter 14. Anesthesia Considerations in Bariatric Surgery.
    Digital Access Springer 2014