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    Fedor Berditchevski, Eric Rubinstein, editors.
    Summary: Tetraspanin proteins have recently emerged as a new class of modulators of various processes involving cell surface receptors, including cell migration and invasion, host immune responses, cell-cell fusion, and viral infection. The book summarises recent advances in the fields of biology in which the role of tetraspanins have been established and also covers the molecular evolution of the tetraspanin superfamily and structural aspects of the organisation of tetraspanin microdomains.

    Structural bases for tetraspanin funtions
    The evolution of tetraspanins through a phylogenetic lens
    Organisation of the tetraspanin web
    Dynamic partitioning of tetraspanins within plasma membranes
    Tetraspanins as regulators of protein trafficking
    The role of tetraspanins in cell migration and intercellular adhesion
    Genetic evidence for tetraspanin functions
    Tetraspanins in lower eukaryotes
    The role of tetraspanin complexes in egg-sperm fusion
    Tetraspanins and immunity
    Tetraspanins in cancer
    Uroplakins as unique tetraspanin networks
    Essential tetraspanin functions in the vertebrate retina
    The role of CD81 in HCV and plasmodium infection
    Tetraspanins as facilitators of viral and cellular information transfer.
    Digital Access Springer 2013