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    edited by Nikhil C. Munshi, Kenneth C. Anderson.
    Summary: Despite the advances in conventional, and novel agent and high dose chemotherapy, multiple myeloma remains incurable. In order to overcome resistance to current therapies and improve patient outcome, novel biologically-based treatment approaches are being developed. Current translational research in multiple myeloma focusing on the development of molecularly-based novel targeted single-agent and combination therapies has great promise to achieve high frequency and durable responses in the majority of patients. This volume will focus on biology of multiple myeloma, especially on oncogenomic changes, cell signaling pathways and intermediate molecules that are being investigated for development of novel therapies. The book will present newer developments, providing an emphasis on basic science, as well as its significant clinical impact.

    Myeloma Immune and Antibody Targets
    T Cell Responses in Myeloma / Ross Brown, P. Joy Ho, John Gibson, Douglas Joshua
    Novel Antigenic Targets for Immunotherapy in Myeloma / Qing Yi
    Antibody-Based Therapies in Multiple Myeloma / Yu-Tzu Tai
    Defining Multiple Myeloma as a Target for DNA Vaccines / Surinder S. Sahota, Natalia Savelyeva, Debora Joseph-Pietras, Niklas Zojer
    Harnessing Allogeneic Immunity for Anti-myeloma Response / Roberto Bellucci, Edwin P. Alyea
    Dendritic Cells and Peptide-Based Vaccine In Multiple Myeloma / Jooeun Bae, R. H. Prabhala, Nikhil C. Munshi
    New Agents
    Novel Proteasome Inhibitors / Robert Z. Orlowski
    Newer IMiDs / Abhishek Singla, Shaji Kumar.
    Novel Agents in Multiple Myeloma / Anuj Mahindra, Jacob Laubach, Constantine Mitsiades, Paul Richardson
    Early Combination Studies in Multiple Myeloma / Alessandra Larocca, Antonio Palumbo
    The Effect of Novel Anti-myeloma Agents on Bone Metabolism / Evangelos Terpos.
    Digital Access Springer 2013