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    edited by Nikhil C. Munshi, Kenneth C. Anderson.
    Summary: Despite the advances in conventional, and novel agent and high dose chemotherapy, multiple myeloma remains incurable. In order to overcome resistance to current therapies and improve patient outcome, novel biologically-based treatment approaches are being developed. Current translational research in multiple myeloma focusing on the development of molecularly-based novel targeted single-agent and combination therapies has great promise to achieve high frequency and durable responses in the majority of patients. This volume will focus on biology of multiple myeloma, especially on oncogenomic changes, cell signaling pathways and intermediate molecules that are being investigated for development of novel therapies. The book will present newer developments, providing an emphasis on basic science, as well as its significant clinical impact.

    Part 1. Myeloma Molecular Pathways and Cell Signaling
    Genomic Strategies Determining Progression from MGUS to Multiple Myeloma / Esteban Braggio and Rafael Fonseca
    Prognostic Implication of Genetic Changes (Cytogenetics, and FISH, Gains and Losses of DNA by SNP Array and aCGH) in Risk Stratification in Myeloma / Jill Corre and Hervé Avet-Loiseau
    Advances in Multiple Myeloma Gene-Expression Profiling / Saad Usmani, B. Barlogie and J. D. Shaughnessy Jr.
    Growth Factors in Multiple Myeloma / Jérôme Moreaux, Caroline Bret, Karène Mahtouk, Anne-Catherine Sprynski and Dirk Hose, et al.
    Role of Wnt Signaling Pathways in Multiple Myeloma Pathogenesis / Mariateresa Fulciniti and Daniel R. Carrasco
    The mTOR Pathway in Multiple Myeloma / Joseph Gera and Alan Lichtenstein
    Jak/STAT Signaling in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Multiple Myeloma / Erik A. Nelson, Sarah R. Walker and David A. Frank
    Part 2. Myeloma Microenvironment
    The Bone Marrow Microenvironment: Novel Targets to Circumvent Minimal Residual Disease and Drug Resistance in Multiple Myeloma / Kenneth H. Shain and William S. Dalton
    Osteoclasts: Potential Target for Blocking Microenvironmental Support of Myeloma / Deborah L. Galson, Sonia D'Souza and G. David Roodman
    Targeting the BAFF/APRIL Cytokine Network in Multiple Myeloma / Stephen A. Mihalcik and Diane F. Jelinek
    Role of Osteoblast in Myeloma Pathology / Sonia Vallet and Noopur Raje
    Migration and Homing in Multiple Myeloma / Giada Bianchi and Irene M. Ghobrial
    Genes and Proteins of Myeloma Endothelial Cells to Search Specific Targets of the Tumor Vasculature / Domenico Ribatti and Angelo Vacca
    Epigenetic Regulation of Myeloma Within Its Bone Marrow Microenvironment / Elke De Bruyne, Ken Maes, Sarah Deleu, Els Van Valckenborgh and Eline Menu, et al.
    Targeting Multiple Myeloma Tumor Angiogenesis: Focus on VEGF / Klaus Podar and Kenneth C. Anderson
    Novel In Vivo Models in Myeloma / Eric Sanchez, Haiming Chen and James R. Berenson.
    Digital Access Springer 2013