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    Darren R. Flower, Yvonne Perrie, editors.
    Summary: This book seeks to expand the horizons of vaccine design and discovery by highlighting cutting edge work in three areas of vaccinology: the rational discovery of subunit vaccines, the identification of adjuvants, and the delivery of vaccines via state-of-the-art nanotechnology.

    Immunomic discovery of adjuvants, delivery systems, and candidate subunit vaccines : a brief introduction / Darren R. Flower and Yvonne Perrie
    Bacterial genomes and vaccine design / Valeria Cafardi, John L. Telford, and Davide Serruto
    Identification of candidate vaccine antigens in silico / Darren R. Flower, Matthew N. Davies, and Irini A. Doytchinova
    Post-genomic antigen discovery : bioinformatical approaches to reveal novel T cell antigens of Mycobacterium bovis / Martin Vordermeier [and 3 others]
    Genome-based computational vaccine discovery by reverse vaccinology / Yongqun He
    Computational prediction of protein subcellular localization, genomic islands, and virulence to aid antigen discovery / Bhavjinder K. Dhillon, Nancy Y. Yu, and Fiona S.L. Brinkman
    On the development of vaccine antigen databases : progress, opportunity, and challenge / Hifzur Rahman Ansari, Darren R. Flower, and Gajendra P.S. Raghava
    What have dendritic cells ever done for adjuvant design? : cellular and molecular methods for the rational development of vaccine adjuvants / Alexander D. Edwards
    Towards the systematic discovery of immunomodulatory adjuvants / Darren R. Flower
    Designing liposomes as vaccine adjuvants / Malou Henriksen-Lacey and Yvonne Perrie
    Designing nonionic surfactant vesicles for the delivery of antigens for systemic and alternative delivery routes / Jitinder Wilkhu [and 3 others]
    Immune stimulating complexes (ISCOMs) and Quil-A containing particulate formulations as vaccine delivery systems / S. Hook and T. Rades
    Formulation and characterisation of PLGA microspheres as vaccine adjuvants / Daniel J. Kirby, Randip Kaur, and Yvonne Perrie
    Powder vaccines for pulmonary delivery / Tom Jin and Eric Tsao.
    Digital Access Springer 2013