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    Jos A. Bosch, Anna C. Phillips, Janet M. Lord, editors ; foreword by Keith W. Kelley.
    Summary: This book presents the first multi-disciplinary approach to the understanding of immune aging, or immunosenescence; it combines biological data and clinical observations with psychological, social, and behavioral perspectives and is thus a valuable and timely contribution to the literature in this area. Contributors, all eminent scholars in their respective fields, review thoroughly the state of the art in research that examines how psychological and behavioral factors influence the rate and extent of immune system aging.

    Introduction to Ageing of the Adaptive Immune System
    The chronic stress of caregiving accelerates the natural aging of the immune system
    Stress and ageing: Effects on neutrophil function
    Stress, Aging, and Wound Healing
    Psychoneuromicrobiology: cytomegalovirus infection as a putative link between stress, aging and immunity
    Psychosocial factors and telomere length in peripheral blood
    Stress-related Behavioural Responses, Immunity and Ageing in animal models
    Socio-economic status and immunosenescence
    Exercise and Immunosenescence
    Obesity and Immunosenescence: Psychological, Behavioral, & Biochemical Pathways
    Sleep and immunity in older age
    The role of stress and adrenal hormones in immunosenescence.
    Digital Access Springer 2013