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  • Book
    edited by Sue Ziebland, Angela Coulter, Joseph D. Calabrese, and Louise Locock.
    Summary: Improving patient experience is a global priority for health policy-makers and care providers. This book critically examines the various ways in which people's experience of health and healthcare can be recorded, analysed and therefore improved.

    Understanding the experience of illness and treatment
    Ethnographic approaches to health experiences research
    Observing interactions as an approach to understanding patients' experiences
    Narrative Interviewing
    Using focus groups to understand experiences of health and illness
    Story-gathering : collecting and analysing spontaneously-shared stories as research data
    Patient reported outcomes
    Patient experience surveys
    Using the internet as a source of information about patients' experiences
    Systematic review and synthesis of qualitative research
    Harnessing patients' awareness of adverse reactions to the drugs they take
    Engagement and inclusivity in researching patients' experiences
    Participatory action research : using experience-based co-design to improve the quality of healthcare services
    Understanding and using health experiences : the policy landscape.
    Digital Access Oxford 2013
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