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    Sven-Anders Solveborn.
    Summary: Emergency Orthopedics is a practical, up-to-date, and comprehensive manual on the diagnosis and treatment of emergency injuries and disorders of the locomotor system. Its problem-based structure, with each chapter addressing a particular symptom, is designed to allow the reader to rapidly locate hands-on advice. For each symptom, facts and findings that will assist in diagnosis are highlighted. Possible diagnoses are suggested according to the ICD-10 code, and the proposed treatment recommendations consider both short- and long-term aspects. The text is supported by exceptionally instructive illustrations, e.g., of examination techniques and reduction maneuvers. The author has extensive practical experience in emergency rooms as well as in sports medicine, research, and education. This book will be a treasure trove of information for all who work in the emergency room and will also be very useful for general practitioners, physiotherapists, and chiropractors.

    Major orthopaedic trauma
    Acute soft tissue injuries
    Foot injuries
    Foot pain
    Foot wounds
    Foot and ankle swelling
    Ankle injuries
    Ankle pain
    Lower leg injuries
    Lower leg pain
    Knee injuries
    Knee pain
    Knee swelling
    Knee locking
    Thigh injuries
    Thigh and groin pain
    Hip and pelvis injuries
    Hip pain in children
    Lumbar back pain
    Chest and lumbar back injuries
    Neck (cervical) injuries
    Cervical pain
    Shoulder injuries
    Shoulder pain
    Upper arm injuries
    Elbow injuries
    Elbow pain
    Forearm injuries
    Wrist injuries
    Wrist pain
    Hand injuries
    Hand infections
    Numbness of the hand, nerve injuries
    Basic injection techniques
    Digital Access Springer 2014