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    Andrej Kral, Arthur N. Popper, Richard R. Fay, editors.
    Summary: Deafness explores the neuronal consequences of being deaf on the peripheral and the central nervous system as well as on cognition and learning, viewed from the standpoint of genetics, neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, molecular biology, systems neuroscience, and cognitive neuroscience.

    1. To Hear or Not To Hear: Neuroscience of Deafness / Andrej Kral
    2. Molecular Etiology of Deafness and Cochlear Consequences / Zippora Brownstein, Shaked Shivatzki, and Karen B. Avraham
    3. Effects of Early-Onset Deafness in the Developing Auditory System / Patricia A. Leake, Olga Stakhovskaya, and Stephen J. Rebscher
    4. Synaptic Organization and Plasticity in the Auditory System of the Deaf White Cat / Michael A. Muniak, Catherine J. Connelly, Natasha N. Tirko, Jahn N. ONeil, and David K. Ryugo
    5. Synaptic and Cellular Consequences of Hearing Loss / Dan H. Sanes
    6. Integrative Neuronal Functions in Deafness / Andrej Kral, Peter Baumhoff, and Robert K. Shepherd
    7. The Impact of Deafness on the Human Central Auditory and Visual Systems / Anu Sharma and Teresa Mitchell
    8. Multisensory Interactions in Auditory cortex and Auditory Rehabilitation in Deafness / Diane S Lazard, Anne-Lise Giraud, and Pascal Barone
    9. Visual Attention in Deaf Humans: A Neuroplasticity Perspective / Matthew W. G. Dye and Daphne Bavelier
    10. The Consequences of Deafness for Spoken Language Development / Peter J. Blamey and Julia Z. Sarant.
    Digital Access Springer 2013