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    Philip Asherson, Susan Young, Marios Adamou, Blanca Bolea, David Coghill, Gisli Gudjonsson, James Kustow, Ulrich Muller, Mark Pitts, Johannes Thome.
    Summary: This book is a direct response to a severe treatment gap in recognising, treating and managing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults. Affecting 34% of the global population, ADHD has long been considered a pediatric psychiatric condition and continues to be overlooked in adults, who often go on to endure a lifetime of clinically significant impairments that affect work performance, social behavior, and personal relationships. However, in the wake of the recognition of ADHD in adults in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV (considered the absolute gold standard in psychiatry) and a greater number of pharmaceutical treatments being indicated for adults, this book will increase awareness of the condition and advocate expanding ADHD treatment across all age ranges. The book is especially relevant to psychiatrists, GPs, and specialist psychiatric nurses , while also a useful resource for patient societies and advocacy groups.

    Introduction to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
    Definition of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults
    The scientific basis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults
    Diagnostic assessment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults
    Neuropsychological assessment
    Comorbid symptoms, syndromes, and disorders
    Pharmacological treatments
    Psychological treatments
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder during pregnancy
    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and the criminal justice system
    Service provision for adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
    Digital Access Springer 2013