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    Ximena Wortsman, editor-in-chief ; Gregor B.E. Jemec, co-editor.
    Summary: This book is a comprehensive introduction to ultrasonography of the skin, nails, and scalp as it relates to the assessment and diagnosis of dermatologic diseases. It provides a concise understanding of the diagnosis of dermatologic conditions through extensive high-resolution gray scale and color Doppler ultrasound images and presents classical correlations of clinical dermatologic lesions with sonographic and histologic findings.

    Part I. The requisites
    Introduction to color Doppler ultrasound of the skin
    Sonographic anatomy of the skin, appendages, and adjacent structures
    Part II. Clinical applications
    Congenital diseases of the skin
    Inflammatory diseases of the skin
    Common benign non-vascular skin tumors
    The computer-aided diagnosis of soft-tissue tumors using sonographic morphology and texture features
    Hemanglomas and vascular malformations
    Cutaneous vascular tumors
    Skin cancer: the primary tumors
    Contrast enhnaced ultrasound in squamous cell carcinoma
    Locoregional staging of melanoma
    Cutaneous lymphomas
    Anatomy of the face for cosmetic purposes
    Concepts in cosmetic procedures
    Sonography of cosmetic procedures
    Inflammatory diseases of the nail: clinical overview
    Nail tumors: clinical overview
    Sonography of the nail
    Sonography of the scalp and hair
    Conditions that can mimic dermatologic diseases: "simulators"
    Part III. Terms, classifications, and protocols
    Glossary of dermatological terms
    Useful dermatologic classifications
    How to start on skin, mail, and hair ultrasound: guidance and protocols
    Presurgical sonographic assessment of the margins in skin lesions.
    Digital Access Springer 2013