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    Mandy L. Corrigan, Arlene A. Escuro, Donald F. Kirby, editors.
    Summary: Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Stroke is a comprehensive reference on nutrition for the multidisciplinary team caring for stroke patients. Targeting physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical dietitians, and advanced allied health and medical students, this volume provides an introduction on the different types of stroke, associated risk factors, and uniquely featured global perspectives on stroke. In addition to discussing stroke risk factors, the book expands upon treatment and management from the acute care setting through rehabilitation, captures the lifespan of patients affected by stroke.

    Part I: Introduction to Stroke
    Epidemiology of Stroke
    Types of Strokes
    Stroke Risk Factors
    Perspectives and Approach to Stroke Prevention and Therapy
    Part II: Health-Related Risk Factors for Stroke
    Diabetes Mellitus Prevention and Treatment
    Hypertension/Hyperlipidemia/Hyperhomocysteinemia and Nutrition Approaches
    Obesity and Stroke
    Pediatric/Adolescent Stroke
    Stroke in Younger and Older Adults
    Part III: Medical Management of Stroke
    Medical Management of Stroke
    Malnutrition in Stroke
    Fluid and Electrolyte Management
    Nutrition Support
    Enteral Access
    Dysphagia in Stroke
    Stroke Nursing Care
    Stroke Rehabilitation
    Ethical Issues in Stroke Patients
    Suggested Stroke Related Resources for the Practitioner and Patient.
    Digital Access Springer 2013