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    Augusto Giussani, Christoph Hoeschen, editors.
    Summary: This volume addresses a wide range of issues in the field of nuclear medicine imaging, with an emphasis on the latest research findings. Initial chapters set the scene by considering the role of imaging in nuclear medicine from the medical perspective and discussing the implications of novel agents and applications for imaging. The physics at the basis of the most modern imaging systems is described, and the reader is introduced to the latest advances in image reconstruction and noise correction. Various novel concepts are then discussed, including those developed within the framework of the EURATOM FP7 MADEIRA research project on the optimization of imaging procedures in order to permit a reduction in the radiation dose to healthy tissues. Advances in quality control and quality assurance are covered, and the book concludes by listing rules of thumb for imaging that will be of use to both beginners and experienced researchers.

    Part I: Basic Principles and Physics of Nuclear Medical Imaging
    The Role of Imaging in Nuclear Medicine: The Medical Perspective
    Physics of Imaging in Nuclear Medicine
    Tomographic and Hybrid Imaging in Nuclear Medicine
    Perspectives in Nuclear Medicine Tomography: A Physicist's Point of View
    Part II: Data Acquisition and Image Processing
    Reconstruction Algorithms and Scanning Geometries in Tomographic Imaging
    Advances in SPECT Image Reconstruction
    Noise Reduction
    New Approaches to Quality Assurance
    Part III: New Concepts in Nuclear Medical Imaging
    The EURATOM FP7 Collaborative Project MADEIRA
    Image Magnification with PET Insert Probe
    Part IV: Optimization of Nuclear Medical Imaging
    Rules of the Thumb.
    Digital Access Springer 2013