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    Massimo Tonolini, Giovanni Maconi, editors.
    Summary: This practical volume is intended for all radiologists, gastroenterologists, and surgeons who are responsible for, or interested in, the diagnosis and care of patients with diseases of the anal and perianal region. After an introductory section focusing on surgical, MRI, and US anatomy, up-to-date clinical and therapeutic information is provided on the full range of perianal inflammatory conditions, with special attention to Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and sexually transmitted diseases. Physical and surgical examination is carefully discussed, with consideration of limitations, results, clinical needs, and the questions likely to be posed of imaging. The subsequent three sections provide detailed information on the different imaging modalities: transanal and transperineal ultrasound, contrast-enhanced MRI, and CT. Techniques, diagnostic accuracy, common and unusual disease patterns, artifacts, and pitfalls are clearly presented.

    Section I: Introduction
    Perineum: Surgical Anatomy and Physiology
    MRI Anatomy of the Anorectal Region
    Ultrasound Anatomy of the Anorectal Region
    Section II: Perianal Inflammatory Diseases
    Crohn's Disease
    Ulcerative Colitis
    Cryptogenetic Fistulas
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    Cancer in Perianal Fistulas
    Section III: Clinical Examination and Medical Needs
    Clinical Examination
    Surgical Examination Under Anesthesia
    Section IV: Ultrasound
    Crohn's Disease
    Ulcerative Colitis
    Cryptoglandular Fistulas
    Cancer in Perianal Fistulas
    Rare Diseases
    Artifacts and Pitfalls
    Section V: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
    MRI Study Protocol
    Dynamic MRI and the Assessment of Activity
    Perianal Crohn's Disease MRI Classification and Staging
    Diagnostic Accuracy of MRI in Perianal Crohn's Disease
    Post-surgical Findings and Post-treatment MRI Follow-Up
    Ulcerative Colitis and Ileal Pouch Surgery
    Cryptogenic Fistulas
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    Cancer in Perianal Fistulas
    Rare Diseases
    Artifacts and Pitfalls
    Techniques and Role of CT in Perianal Disease
    Integration of Diagnostic Modalities and Diagnostic Algorithms.
    Digital Access Springer 2013