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    Nora M. Hansen, editor.
    Summary: Management of the Patient at High Risk for Breast Cancer provides a state-of-the art review of patients who are at high risk for breast cancer, how to identify them, the tools available for risk assessment and quantification and indications for genetic counseling and testing. The book summarizes the high risk breast imaging options, including newest techniques and schedules. Pathologic evaluation of high risk lesions are featured as well as the management issues surrounding these lesions. The volume also covers the management of concomitant cancer risk and screening strategies.

    Identifying women at high risk of breast cancer: understanding the risk models / Scott M. Weissman
    Genetic and genomic factors in breast cancer / Lee P. Shulman
    BRCA mutation / Ashley N. Hardy, Elizabeth Tarasewicz, Jacqueline S. Jeruss
    BRCA mutation
    High risk breast lesions and pathologic evaluation / Thomas J. Lawton
    Management of high-risk lesions / Christine M. Gresik, Seema A. Khan
    Radiological imaging for high-risk patient / Erin Neuschler, Paula Grabler
    Risk reduction strategies: medical oncology / Virginia Kaklamani
    Risk reduction strategies: surgical perspective / Lisa Renee-Palko Spiguel, Nora Hansen
    Options and advances in breast reconstruction / John Y.S. Kim, Vinay Rawlani, Jennifer E. Cheesborough
    Management of concomitant risk / Megan E. Miller, Sarah M. Nielsen, Swati A. Kulkarni
    Psychological implications of testing positive for the BRCA gene / Timothy Pearman
    The high-tech high risk clinic / Brian Drohan, Constance Roche, Kevin S. Hughes
    Current and future direction in basic and translational research / Susan M. Love.
    Digital Access Springer 2013