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    volume editor, Klaus Böheim.
    The vibrant soundbridge : design and development / Ball, G.R.
    Cost-effectiveness of implantable middle ear hearing devices / Snik, A. ... [et al.]
    Indications and candidacy for active middle ear implants / Wagner, F. ... [et al.]
    Clinical results with an active middle ear implant in the oval window / Hüttenbrink, K.B., Beutner, D., Zahnert, T.
    Experiments on the coupling of an active middle ear implant to the stapes footplate / Zahnert, T., Bornitz, M., Hüttenbrink, K.B.
    The vibrant soundbridge for conductive and mixed hearing losses : European multicenter study results / Baumgartner, W.-D. ... [et al.]
    Clinical experience with the active middle ear implant vibrant soundbridge in sensorineural hearing loss / Pok, S.M., Schlögel, M., Böheim, K.
    The esteem system : a totally implantable hearing device / Maurer, J., Savvas, E.
    Totally implantable active middle ear implants : ten years' experience at the University of Tübingen / Zenner, H.P., Rodriguez Jorge, J.
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