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    Sajeesh Kumar, Ellen R. Cohn, editors.
    Summary: Telerehabilitation, as a subset of telehealth, is the use of telecommunications to deliver rehabilitation services at a distance and can bridge the gaps created by personnel shortages that exist in underserved and remote areas, as well as serve persons in urban settings who cannot easily leave their homes or offices to seek care. Given the mobile nature of our society, telerehabilitation can enable continuity of care while persons travel for work, vacation and/or education. While the technical capacities to conduct telerehabilitation have surged ahead in the past 10 years, there has been slower, yet ongoing progress in the development of the policies (e.g., legislation; state licensure; reimbursement) that will be required to actualize widespread telepractice service delivery. Telerehabilitation presents a wide-angle view of telerehabilitation worldwide at a seminal time in its development. The book contains contributions from authors across multiple disciplines, as well as a consumer-based perspective. This book contributes significantly to the current understanding of telerehabilitation, as well as elucidating the immense potential for telerehabilitation-based service delivery to benefit persons with disabilities.

    1. Introduction to Telerehabilitation / David M. Brienza and Michael McCue
    2. Challenges and Trends Driving Telerehabilitation / Jenifer Simpson
    3. Telerehabilitation in the Military / Katie Ambrose Stout, Philip Girard, and Kristina Martinez
    4. Nonverbal Communication and Telerehabilitation / Donald B. Egolf
    5. Telerehabilitation Interface Strategies for Enhancing Access to Health Services for Persons with Diverse Abilities and Preferences / Jack M. Winters
    6. Telerehabilitation as a Means of Health-Care Delivery / Alan Chong W. Lee and Nancy D. Harada
    7. Implementation and Management of a Successful Telerehabilitation Program in Speech Language Pathology / Lyn R. Tindall
    8. Speech Therapy Telepractice / Michael Towey
    9. Applications in Teleaudiology / Mark Krumm and Barbara A. Vento
    10. Telehealth Opportunities in Occupational Therapy / Jana Cason and Tammy Richmond
    11. Tele-Ergonomics / Nancy A. Baker and Karen Jacobs
    12. Electronic Record and Telerehabilitation / Valerie J.M. Watzlaf and Sohrab Moeini
    13. Health Information Management and Rehabilitation: Moving Toward an Adequate Ethical Framework for Telerehabilitation / Katherine D. Seelman
    14. Remote Accessibility Assessment System / Jongbae Kim
    15. TeleAbilitation: GameAbilitation / Anthony L. Brooks
    16. Virtual Reality Technologies and the Creative Arts in the Areas of Disability, Therapy, Health, and Rehabilitation / S.V.G. Cobb, Anthony L. Brooks, and Paul M. Sharkey
    17. Design, Construction, and Integration in Instrumented Walkways of a Portable Kit for the Assessment of Gait Parameters in Telerehabilitation / Daniele Giansanti, Sandra Morelli, Paco Dionisio, and Giovanni Maccioni
    18. Design and Construction of a Wearable Tool for Fall-Risk Detection in Telerehabilitation / Daniele Giansanti, Paco Dionisio, and Giovanni Maccioni
    19. Professional Associations, State Licensure, and the Reimbursement of Telerehabilitation / Janet E. Brown
    20. Making a Business Case for eHealth and Teleservices / Suzanne Paone and Grant Shevchik
    21. Speech-Language Pathology and Telerehabilitation / Deborah Theodoros.
    Digital Access Springer 2013