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    Jean-Pierre Droz, Riccardo A. Audisio, editors.
    Summary: The risk of cancer increases with age and the number of older adults seeking treatment is rising dramatically in line with the aging population. The care of older patients differs from that of younger adults because of variation in the biology of the tumor, age-related variation in host physiology, co-morbidity burden and psychosocial issues, which might impact the efficacy and side effects of cancer therapy.Management of Urological Cancers in Older People focuses on treatment strategies of urological cancers and provides guidance on the issues specific to older patients, spanning background and epidemiology, special considerations in the care of older people, therapeutics, and psychosocial considerations. This book offers a thorough review of current approaches to treating older urological cancer patients, detailing the special issues and considerations involved. The discipline-spanning coverage outlines best practice and proposes topics for future research.This first volume in the Management of Cancer in Older People series will be of interest to all surgical oncologists, medical oncologists, gerontologists, urologists and other members of the multidisciplinary team involved in the care of elderly urological cancer patients.

    Part I: Background and Epidemiology
    Background and Epidemiology
    Health Status Evaluation of Elderly Patients with Genitourinary Tumors
    Nomograms and the Elderly: Applications in Genitourinary Oncology
    Renal Function in Elderly and in Relationship with Management of Genitourinary Tumors
    Part II: Prostate Cancer: General Considerations
    Prostate Cancer Screening or Early Diagnosis in Senior Adults?
    Androgen Deprivation in Elderly Prostate Cancer Patients: Side Effects and Their Prevention
    Part III: Prostate Cancer: Localized Disease
    Prognostic Factors of Localized Prostate Cancer in Elderly Patients
    Prostatectomy in Elderly Prostate Cancer Patients
    Radiotherapy in Elderly Prostate Cancer Patients
    Selective Minimally Invasive Therapy in Older Patients for Localized Prostate Cancer: A Way to Mitigate Harm and Retain Benefit?
    Active Surveillance and Watchful Waiting in Indolent Elderly Prostate Cancer Patients
    Decision Making in Elderly Localized Prostate Cancer
    Part IV: Prostate Cancer: Metastatic Disease
    Clinical Management of Elderly Patients with Metastatic Prostate Cancer Chemotherapy
    Clinical Management of Elderly Patients' Metastatic Prostate Cancer: Other Treatments and Supportive Care
    New Treatment Developments Applied to Elderly Patients
    Part V: Bladder Cancer
    Management of Superficial Bladder Cancer in Elderly Patients
    Radical Cystectomy in Muscle-Infiltrative Bladder Cancer and Conservative Treatment in Localized Disease
    Chemotherapy for Elderly Patients with Advanced Transitional Cell Carcinoma
    Tailored Treatment for Bladder Cancer in Older Patients
    Part VI: Renal Cancer
    Surgery or Observation for Small Renal Masses in Older Patients?
    Treatment of Metastatic Kidney Cancer in the Elderly
    Part VII: Rare Cancers
    Carcinoma of the Penis in the Elderly
    Lymphomas of the Testis in Elderly Patients
    Upper Urinary Tract Tumors in Elderly Patients
    Adrenal Tumors in the Elderly
    Retroperitoneal Tumors in the Elderly.
    Digital Access Springer 2013