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    edited by Anthony J. Hannan.
    Tandem repeat polymorphisms : mediators of genetic plasticity, modulators of biological diversity and dynamic sources of disease susceptibility / Anthony J. Hannan -- Evolution of simple sequence repeats as mutable sites / David G. King -- Single amino acid and trinucleotide repeats : function and evolution / Noel Faux -- Promoter microsatellites as modulators of human gene expression / Sterling M. Sawaya ... [et al.] -- Dynamic mutations : where are they now? / Clare L. Van Eyk and Robert I. Richards -- Unstable mutations in the FMR1 gene and the phenotypes / Danuta Loesch and Randi Hagerman -- Molecular pathways to polyglutamine aggregation / Amy L. Robertson and Stephen P. Bottomley -- Polyglutamine aggregation in Huntington and related diseases / Saskia Polling, Andrew F. Hill and Danny M. Hatters -- Selective neurodegeneration, neuropathology and symptom profiles in Huntington's disease / Henry J. Waldvogel ... [et al.] -- Kennedy's disease : clinical significance of tandem repeats in the androgen receptor / Jeffrey D. Zajac and Mark Ng Tang Fui -- Characterising the neuropathology and neurobehavioural phenotype in Friedreich ataxia : a systematic review / Louise A. Corben ... [et al.] -- Polyalanine tract disorders and neurocognitive phenotypes / Cheryl Shoubridge and Jozef Gecz.