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    Eric A. Klein, J. Stephen Jones, editors.
    Epidemiology and risk factors / Ranko Miocinovic
    Twenty years and counting : is PSA still useful in 2010? / Haluk Ozen and Sertac Yazici
    Prostate cancer screening : a review of the evidence with clinical practice implications / Timothy J. Wilt
    Beyond PSA : promising new markers for prostate cancer / Leonard Marks
    Hereditary prostate cancer and genetic risk / Adam C. Reese, Graham Casey, and John S. Witte
    Prostate inflammation and prostate cancer / William G. Nelson ... [et al.]
    Molecular progression of prostate cancer : androgens and estrogens / Stephen A. Boorjian and Donald J. Tindall
    The role of obesity and diet in prostate cancer / Jean-Alfred Thomas II and Stephen J. Freedland
    Prostate cancer risk reduction by chemoprevention / Kenneth G. Nepple, Adam S. Kibel, and Gerald L. Andriole
    Current issues in pathologic evaluation / Sara M. Falzarano, Howard S. Levin, and Cristina Magi-Galluzzi
    Optimum prostate biopsy : techniques and strategies / Osama M. Zaytoun and J. Stephen Jones
    The utility of nomograms in routine clinical practice / Carvell T. Nguyen and Michael W. Kattan
    Active surveillance comes of age / Laurence Klotz
    Focal therapy : prostate hemiablation as the first historical treatment model for focal therapy of early stage prostate cancer / Vladimir Mouraviev and Thomas J. Polascik
    Contemporary external beam radiotherapy / Rahul Tendulkar and Kevin Stephans
    Surgery, brachytherapy, or external beam radiation for low- and intermediate-risk disease? / Jay P. Ciezki and Eric A. Klein
    The role for radical prostatectomy in advanced prostate cancer / R. Jeffrey Karnes and Michael L. Blute
    Radiation therapy in the management of locally advanced prostate cancer / Joseph D. Mancias and Anthony L. Zietman
    Clinical implications of measuring quality-of-life in early stage prostate cancer / Peter Chang, Mehrdad Alemozaffar, and Martin G. Sanda
    Treatment modalities of post-prostatectomy incontinence : a historical perspective as well as current therapy options / Christina Ching and Drogo K. Montague
    Management of biochemical recurrence after localized treatment for prostate cancer / Stephen B. Williams and Toni K. Choueiri
    Management of newly diagnosed metastatic disease / C. Lance Cowey and Thomas E. Hutson
    Pitfalls of androgen deprivation therapy / Alicia K. Morgans and Matthew R. Smith
    Current management of castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) / Jorge A. Garcia and Robert Dreicer
    Beta-emitting radiopharmaceuticals and bone metastasis / Oliver Sartor.
    Digital Access Springer 2013