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    edited by Carlos López-Larrea.
    The origin of the bacterial immune response / Jesús Martínez Borra, Segundo González, and Carlos López Larrea -- The evolution of self during the transition to multicellularity / Aurora M. Nedelcu -- Glyconectin glycans as the self assembling nano-molecular-velcrosystem mediating self-nonself recognition and adhesion implicated in evolution of multicellularity / Gradimir N. Misevic, Nikola Misevic, and Octavian Popescu -- Neglected biological features in cnidarians self-nonself recognition / Baruch Rinkevich -- Intracellular inflammatory sensors for foreign invaders and substances of self-origin / Nao Jounai, Kouji Kobiyama, and Fumihiko Takeshita -- Nonself perception in plant innate immunity / Ian A. Dubery, Natasha M. Sanabria, and Ju Chi Huang -- How did flowering plants learn to avoid blind date mistakes? : self-incompatibility in plants and comparisons with nonself rejection in the immune response / Philip J. Kear and Bruce McClure -- Signaling pathways that regulate life and cell death : evolution of apoptosis in the context of self-defense / Cristina Muñoz Pinedo -- Sensing necrotic cells / Yasunobu Miyake and Sho Yamasaki -- Sensing endoplasmic reticulum stress / Vipul M. Parmar and Martin Schröder -- Autophagy and self-defense / Jesús Martínez-Borra and Carlos López-Larrea -- Viruses and host evolution : virus-mediated self identity / Louis Villarreal -- The evolution of adaptive immunity / Nadia Danilova -- Epigenetic code and self-identity / Vincanzo Calvanese, Ester Lara and Mario F. Fraga -- Viral immunomodulatory proteins : usurping host genes as a survival strategy / Pablo Engel and Ana Angulo -- The emergence of the major histocompatibility complex / Jesús Martínez-Borra and Carlos López-Larrea -- MHC signaling during social communication / James S. Ruff ... [et al.].
    Digital Access  Springer 2012