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    Shirley Pease, Thomas L. Saunders, editors ; ISTT, International Society for Transgenic Technologies.
    Patent and licensing issues in transgenic technology / Karen S. Canady -- Global resources : including gene trapped ES cell clones -- is your gene already knocked out / Lluis Montoliu -- Designing transgenes for optimal expression / Eduardo Molto, Cristina Vicente-Garcıa, and Lluis Montoliu -- Gene targeting vector design for embryonic stem cell modifications / Thomas L. Saunders -- Transgenic production benchmarks / Thomas J. Fielder and Lluis Montoliu -- Generation of transgenic mice by pronuclear microinjection / Katja Becker and Boris Jerchow -- Generation of transgenic rats using microinjection of plasmid DNA or lentiviral vectors / Severine Menoret ... [et al.] -- Generation of transgenic animals by use of YACs / Almudena Fernandez, Diego Munoz, and Lluis Montoliu -- BAC transgenes, DNA purification, and transgenic mouse production / Michael G. Zeidler, Margaret L. Van Keuren, and Thomas L. Saunders -- Generation of transgenic animals with lentiviral vectors / Carlos Lois -- Vertebrate transgenesis by transposition / Aron Geurts, Darius Balciunas, and Lajos Mates -- Rat spermatogonial stem cell-mediated gene transfer / Karen M. Chapman ... [et al.] -- Mouse cloning by nuclear transfer / Sayaka Wakayama, Nguyen Van Thuan, and Teruhiko Wakayama -- Gene targeting in embryonic stem cells / Elizabeth D. Hughes and Thomas L. Saunders -- Importance of mouse ES cell line selection / Wojtek Auerbach and Anna B. Auerbach -- Tetraploid complementation assay / Marina Gertsenstein -- Combining ES cells with embryos / Elizabeth Williams ... [et al.] -- Derivation of murine ES cell lines / Kristina Nagy and Jennifer Nichols -- Rat embryonic stem cell derivation and propagation / Ping Li ... [et al.] -- Induced pluripotency : generation of iPS cells from mouse embryonic fibroblasts / Han Li ... [et al.] -- Preparation and analysis of DNA for use in transgenic technology / Anna B. Auerbach, Peter J. Romanienko, and Willie H. Mark -- Colony management / Karen Brennan -- Cryopreservation / B. Pintado and J. Hourcade -- Shipment of mice and embryos / Shirley Pease -- Pathogen-free mouse rederivation by IVF, natural mating and hysterectomy / J.M. Sztein, R.J. Kastenmayer, and K.A. Perdue -- Refinement, reduction, and replacement / Jan Parker-Thornburg.
    Digital Access Springer 2011