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    Flynn, Joseph T.; Ingelfinger, Julie R.; Portman, Ronald J.
    Digital : Springer2011
    Neurohumoral regulation of blood pressure in early development -- Vasoactive factors and blood pressure in children -- Cardiovascular and autonomic influences on blood pressure -- Ion and fluid dynamics in hypertension -- CRP, uric acid, and other novel factors in the pathogenesis of hypertension -- Monogenic and polygenic genetic contributions to hypertension -- Casual blood pressure methodology -- Development of blood pressure norms in children -- Definitions of hypertension in children -- Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring methodology and norms in children -- Epidemiology of essential hypertension in children: the Bogalusa heart study -- Epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in children -- Perinatal programming and blood pressure -- Familial aggregation of blood pressure -- Influence of dietary electrolytes on childhood blood pressure -- Ethnic differences in childhood blood pressure -- Childhood obesity and blood pressure regulation -- Hypertension in children with the metabolic syndrome or type 2 diabetes -- Primary hypertension -- Secondary forms of hypertension -- Neonatal hypertension -- Hypertension in chronic kidney disease -- Hypertension in end-stage renal disease -- Sequelae of hypertension in children and adolescents -- Sleep apnea and hypertension -- Hypertension and exercise -- Hypertension in the developing world -- Evaluation of the hypertensive pediatric patient -- The role of ambulatory blood pressure monitoring in diagnosis of hypertension and evaluation of target organ damage -- Nonpharmacologic treatment of pediatric hypertension -- Pharmacotherapy of pediatric hypertension -- Management of hypertensive emergencies -- Pediatric antihypertensive clinical trials.