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    edited by Ivanka Savic.
    Section I. General Overview -- Chapter 1. Sex differences in brain anatomy / Eileen Luders, Arthur W. Toga -- Chapter 2 . Sex differences in the human brain: A developmental perspective / Tomáš Paus -- Chapter 3. Sex influences on brain and emotional memory: The burden of proof has shifted / Larry Cahill -- Chapter 4. Sexual differentiation of the human brain in relation to gender identity and sexual orientation / Ivanka Savic, Alicia Garcia-Falgueras, Dick F. Swaab -- Section II. The Mechanisms Behind Sex Dimorphism in the Brain -- Chapter 5. Genes and brain sex differences / Francisco J. Sánchez, Eric Vilain -- Chapter 6. Genetic and epigenetic underpinnings of sex differences in the brain and in neurological and psychiatric disease susceptibility / Irfan A. Qureshi, Mark F. Mehler -- Chapter 7. Gene expression in neuroendocrine cells during the critical period for sexual differentiation of the brain / Khatuna Gagnidze, Donald W. Pfaff, Jessica A. Mong -- Chapter 8. Neurosteroids: Endogenous role in the human brain and therapeutic potentials / Doodipala Samba Reddy -- Section III. Clinical Implications -- Chapter 9. Sex and gender differences in pain and analgesia / Jeffrey S. Mogil, Andrea L. Bailey -- Chapter 10. The skewed sex distribution in affective disorders: A diagnostic, social, or biological problem? / Marianne J. Legato -- Chapter 11. Empathizing, systemizing, and the extreme male brain theory of autism / Simon Baron-Cohen -- Chapter 12. Gender and the injured brain / Paco S. Herson, Patricia D. Hurn.
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