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    senior editor, Wilton C. Levine ; associate editors, Rae M. Allain ... [et al.].
    Digital : Ovid2010
    Part I: Evaluating the patient before anesthesia -- Evaluating the patient before anesthesia / Alla Tauber and Mary Kraft -- Specific considerations with cardiac disease / Shahzad Shaefi and Hovig V. Chitilian -- Specific considerations with pulmonary disease / Stephanie C. Cintora and Kenneth E. Shepherd -- Specific considerations with renal disease / Rafael Vazquez and William Benedetto -- Specific considerations with liver disease / Salomon M. Maya and Wilton C. Levine -- Specific considerations with endocrine disease / Anne M. Drewry, Robert A. Peterfreund, and Stephanie L. Lee -- Infectious diseases and infection control in anesthesia / Shahzad Shaefi and Ulrich Schmidt -- Part II: Administration of anesthesia -- Safety in anesthesia / Sara N. Goldhaber-Fiebert and Jeffrey B. Cooper -- The anesthesia machine / Andrew R. Vaclavik and Greg Ginsburg -- Monitoring / Jennifer Chatburn and Warren S. Sandberg -- Intravenous and inhalation anesthetics / Claudia Benkwitz and Ken Solt -- Neuromuscular blockade / Oleg V. Evgenov and Peter F. Dunn -- Airway evaluation and management / Cosmin Gauran and Peter F. Dunn -- Administration of general anesthesia / Victor A. Chin and Stuart A. Forman -- Local anesthetics / Maryam Jowza and Rebecca D. Minehart -- Spinal, epidural, and caudal anesthesia / Jason M. Lewis and May C. M. Pian-Smith -- Regional anesthesia / Keith Fragoza and Lisa Warren -- Intra-anesthetic problems / Jonathan D. Bloom and Keith Baker -- Perioperative hemodynamic control / Brian T. Bateman and Vilma E. Ortiz -- Anesthesia for abdominal surgery / Emily A. Singer and John J. A. Marota -- Anesthesia for thoracic surgery / Junichi Naganuma and Paul H. Alfille -- Anesthesia for vascular surgery / M. Richard Pavao and Edward A. Bittner -- Anesthesia for cardiac surgery / Ethan Small and Jason Zhensheng Qu -- Anesthesia for neurosurgery / Scott A. LeGrand and Michele Szabo -- Anesthesia for head and neck surgery / Brian D. Cauley and Deborah S. Pederson -- Anesthesia for urologic surgery / Kris C. Lukauskis and William R. Kimball -- Anesthesia for geriatric patients / Zhongcong Xie and Christine Finer -- Anesthesia for surgical emergencies in the neonate / James Y. Ko ... [et al.] -- Anesthesia for pediatric surgery / Susan A. Vassallo and LIsbeth L. Pappas -- Anesthesia for obstetrics and gynecology / Amy Ortman and Lisa Leffert -- Ambulatory anesthesia / Christopher J. Hodge and LIsa Wollman -- Anesthesia outside of the operating room / Thomas J. Graetz and John J. A. Marota -- Anesthesia for trauma and burns / Vikram Kumar and Keith Baker -- Transfusion therapy / Shubha V. Y. Raju and Jonathan E. Charnin -- Part III: Perioperative issues -- The postanesthesia care unit / Asheesh Kumar and Edward E. George -- Perioperative respiratory failure / Michael R. Shaughnessy and Luca M. Bigatello -- Adult, pediatric, and newborn resuscitation / Richard M. Pino, Bradley E. Randel, and Arthur J. Tokarcyzk -- Pain / Karsten Bartels and James P. Rathmell -- Complementary and alternative medicine / Margaret A. Gargarian and P. Grace Harrell -- Ethical and end-of-life issues / Sheri Berg and Rae M. Allain -- Appendix A: supplemental drug information / Bishr Haydar.