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    volume editors, Sylvia Atsalis, Susan W. Margulis, Patrick R. Hof.
    Digital : Karger2008
    Menopause and reproductive senescence in comparative context / Erwin, J.M ; Hof, P.R. -- Aging in wild female lemurs: sustained fertility with increased infant mortality / Wright, P. ... [et al.] -- Reproduction and aging in marmosets and tamarins / Tardif, S.D. ... [et al.] -- Aging Cebidae / Williams, L. -- Heterogeneity of reproductive aging in free-ranging female rhesus macaques / Johnson, R.L. ; Kapsalis, E. -- Reproductive and behavioral characteristics of aging in female Asian colobines / Borries, C. ; Koenig, A. -- Reproductive aging in female chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) / Videan, E.N. ... [et al.] -- Perimenopause and menopause: documenting life changes in aging female gorillas / Atsalis, S. ; Margulis, S.W. -- Reproductive life history traits of female orangutans (Pongo spp.) / Shumaker, R.W. ; Wich, S.A. ; Perkins, L. -- Origins and health consequences of stress-induced ovarian dysfunction / Kaplan, J.R. -- Primate reproductive aging: from lemurs to humans / Atsalis, S. ; Margulis, S.W.