Lane Medical Library

PubMed Tutorials

  • When searching:
    • Access PubMed via Lane Library.
    • Click the “Details” to determine exactly what is being searched.
    • Use the Clipboard to temporarily (8 hrs) save citations from multiple searches.
    • Remember searching is a process that takes practice, time and patience.
    • If frustrated contact a librarian.
  • The MeSH Database:
    • Is accessible from PubMed’s left blue navigation bar or at:
    • Helps users to locate MeSH terms, which are like “tags”
    • Provides access to subheadings to refine searches.
    • Defines MeSH terms and provides access to the MeSH hierarchy.
    • Can be used to build PubMed search strategies, however, the resultant searches although targeted may exclude current citations.
  • The Boolean Operator AND:
    • Narrows a search so that retrieved citations contain information about both search terms. For example, “breast feeding AND workplace” retrieves information about both breast feeding AND workplace.
    • AND is automatically inserted between search terms in PubMed.
  • The Boolean Operator OR:
    • Broadens a search so retrieved citations contain information about either search terms. For example, “policies OR procedures” retrieves information about either lactation or policies.
    • Must be capitalized in order to be recognized in PubMed.
    • This is a good technique to use for searching with synonyms.
  • Limits:
    • Should be added one at a time to better control searching.
    • Remain in effect until they are cleared
  • My NCBI:
    • Is a free service that allows registered users to save searches, set preferences and setup automatic updates.
  • Printing, Emailing and Exporting citations:
    • Can be done by first selecting applicable citations and then using the drop-down menu labeled “send to”. From this menu select either “printer”, “email” or “file” (for exporting to a reference managers, including EndNote and RefWorks).