Lane Medical Library

  • These are some key questions to consider when appraising the web information resources used by you or your students.
    • Who sponsors the information and what is their motive in putting their data on the web?
    • Is the information on the site current?
    • How often is the site updated?
    • Can you find a date of origination?
    • Who takes responsibility for the information?/Is it a university? A professional organization? A company? An individual?
    • Who has permission to edit or contribute to the site?
    • Is contact information available for you to contact the site’s authors?
    • Are there any obvious reasons for bias?
    • Can you determine the domain of the site? Is it a .com, .edu, .gov, .net site?
    • Are there advertisements on the sites?
    • Can you find any references to scholarly sources or institutions?
    • Are you being asked to purchase a product or service?
  • As a rule of thumb, if you do not feel completely comfortable with the information you find on the web – move on there is plenty of other web information available.