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Biographical Note

Philip King Brown, 1869-1940
Biographic Chronology (taken from obituary, Dec. 1940 California Medical Association)
1890 A.B. Harvard University
1893 M.D. Harvard University
1895-96 Post-graduate medical work Berlin, Gottingen (also Paris and London)
1911 Founded Arequipa Sanatorium (medical director 1911-28)
University of California Medical School
Stanford University Medical School
Southern Pacific Hospital, superintendent of service
d. Oct 28 1940
Also see Xerox copies of catalog cards of monographs filed here. For other publications from 1893-1940 see Faculty file.


Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 115, no. 25 (Dec. 21, 1940)
Philip King Brown: San Francisco; Harvard Medical School, Boston, 1893; assistant in nervous diseases, University of California Medical School in 1894, Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine from 1896 to 1898 and instructor of animal pathology 1896 to 1899; associate in medicine and instructor of clinical pathology, Cooper Medical College, from 1899 to 1902; member of the Association of American Physicians and the American Clinical and Climatological Association; served in various capacities and at various times on the staffs of the Southern Pacific Hospital, Stanford University Hospital, and the City and County Hospital, San Francisco; secretary of the board of directors, founder and for many years medical director of the Arequipa Sanatorium, Manor; aged 71; died October 29, of coronary thrombosis.

Box 1
Assorted Materials

Box no. Contents
1.1 Health Plans - Brochures, memoranda, drafts of proposed plans.
1.2 Insurance - Brochures and forms of various insurance companies. Also 3 letters to PKB 1939-40.
1.3 Mt. Moriah Hospital, San Francisco - Correspondence and printed material.
1.4 Multnomah Industrial Health Association, Portland, Oregon - Correspondence and printed material.
1.5 North American Underwriters - Brochures and sample policies.
1.6 Peart's Alameda Plan - Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and other legal documents.
1.7 Pierce County, Washington Plan - Typed material and correspondence re: plan.
1.8 Proposed Plans - Correspondence re: assorted plans.
Ross-Loos Medical Group - Brochures and correspondence.
1.10 San Francisco Medical Cooperative - Brochures and correspondence.
1.11 Santa Barbara County Medical Society Community Medical-Service. Mimeographed description, 2 copies.
1.12 Workmen's Compensation - Brochures and correspondence.

Box 2
Assorted Material

Box no. Contents
2.1 Buffalo General Hospital - Articles of Association By-laws, and rules and regulations of the Staff.
2.2 Correspondence 1918-37- arranged chronologically.
2.3 Correspondence 1937-40- arranged chronologically.
2.4 Commonwealth Club, Section on Public Health - Minutes, 1916, and 1936-39.
2.5 Legislation re: Health Insurance, San Francisco, California and U.S.
2.6 San Francisco Group Hospital Plan - Miscellaneous materials.
2.7 Socialized Medicine Controversy - Brochures, Clippings, etc.
a. Clippings-N.Y. Times, Philadelphia Evening Bulletin, Journal of the A.M.A., controversy.
b. Community Chest of San Francisco.
c. Medical League for Socialized Medicine.
d. Michigan State Medical Society.
e. National Committee to Uphold Constitutional Government National Conference of Social Work, Committee on Medical Care, proposed program for two meetings, Seattle, 1938, "The Case for Private Medicine" reprint from Public Relations Bureau, Medical Society of the State of New York.
f. San Francisco Employers Council - "Doctor looks at Socialized Medicine" from 'America's Future,' Nov. 1938.
2.8 Speeches, Articles, and meeting programs.
State Social Security (Washington)—Rules and Regulations.
2.10 Medical care for the American people: the final report of the Committee on the Costs of Medical Care.
xv, 130 p. ; 33 cm.
Chicago, Ill.: The University of Chicago Press, 1932.
"Uncorrected Galleys Confidential Copy for committee members only."
The Committee on the Costs of Medical Care, publication number 28.
Corrected and Annotated by P.K. Brown. Includes: clippings and notecards.
Formerly shelved as: H747h C73 no. 28.

Box 3
Assorted Material

Box no. Contents
3.1 Fee Schedules - Typed lists.
3.2 Health Service System of San Francisco - Forms, communications, correspondence, list of professional staff members, rules for exemption, Charter Amendment of S.F. Board of Supervisors re: Health Service System, Jan. 15, 1937, Letter to PKB, Feb. 22 1938, Financial summary of operations.
3.3 Medical Service Agreements (arranged alphabetically).
a. Agricultural Workers Health and Medical Association
b. California Medical Association
c. California Physicians' Service
d. California State Board of Health
e. Callison, F.W. and Staff
f. Ins. Assoc. of Approved Hospitals
g. King County Medical Service Corp.
h. Pierce County Industrial Medical Bur., Inc.
i. Ross-Loos Medical Group
3.4 Proposed Plans - Rates, forms, correspondence arranged alphabetically by organization
a. Acme Health and Accident Service
b. Associated Indemnity Corporation
c. Associated Insurance Companies
d. Australian National Travel Association
e. Close, Frank M.
f. Commercial Casualty Insurance Co.
g. Doctors Business Bureau
h. Intercoast Hospitalization Insurance Assoc.
i. Mare Island Employees Relief Assoc.
j. Massachusetts Bonding and Insurance Co.
k. Minnesota Hospital Service Assoc.
l. Pacific Health Corporation
m. Physicians Economic Council of San Francisco
n. Postal Life and Casualty Insurance Co.
o. San Francisco Post Office Foundation
p. Southern Pacific Club
q. U.S. Fidelity and Guaranty Co.
r. [U.S.] Committee on Economic Security
3.5 Ross-Loos - Correspondence between Ross-Loos Medical Group and Twentieth Century Fund.
3.6 State Employees Health Insurance - Correspondence and miscellaneous materials, clipping, etc.

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