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Table of contents for Ophüls (William) Papers



  Descriptive Summary


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Descriptive Summary


Title:  William Ophüls

Accession Number:  MSS 37

Linear feet occupied:  0.75

Extent:  2 boxes of personal and professional correspondence, salary and

administrative records, case reports and photographs




Container List


Ophüls (William) 1871-1933

William Ophüls Papers 1898-1933


Note:   numbers after the decimal point refer to folder numbers, for example:

1.2 refers to box 1, folder 2.

Box     Contents


1.1       Typescript summary of contents, n.d.   Contains some summarization of

            letters, especially German correspondence.  Not a reflection of current order.

1.2       Family correspondence, 1914-1921. 

1.3       Family correspondence, 1921-1932 and n.d.

1.4       General correspondence, 1909-1914.

1.5       General correspondence, 1915-1924.

1.6       General correspondence, 1925-1929.

1.7       General correspondence, 1931-1932.

1.8       General correspondence, 1933 and n.d.

1.9       Emmy and Louise Ophüls correspondence, 1933.  Letters regarding Ophüls' inclusion in the National Cyclopedia of American Biography.

1.10     Publication correspondence,  1912-1933.  Includes list of publications.

1.11     Cooper  1898-1899 and n.d.  Includes departmental memos, budgets, receipts, case reports.  See 2.1 for Cooper appointment and salary.

1.12     Stanford Dept. of Pathology, 1913-1932.  Includes departmental memos and budgets, employment opportunities inquiries, student correspondence and reports.


1.13     Stanford administrative  records, 1911-1932.  Includes Ophüls' salary, appointment, and leave records. 

1.14     Hospital appointments, 1912-1926.  Appointments and resignations to hospital and board staffs.


1.15     International Congress on Hygiene and Demographics, 1909-1912.  Correspondence and memoranda.


1.16     Miscellaneous documents.  Includes calling cards, certificates, estate, insurance, and tax records, case history (testicular transplant), announcements.


1.17     Photos, n.d.  [Family photos?]



Box     Contents


2.1       Cooper records. 
            Memorandum of agreement between Cooper and Ophüls, terms of employment, 1898.
            The Pathology Laboratory of Cooper Medical College, [1900?].  Case history.

2.2       San Francisco Medical Society.  Bylaws, n.d.

2.3       San Francisco Dept. of Public Health, instructions for undertakers, 1920.

2.4       Transcript of testimony by D. H. McClure, before the Division of Industrial Accidents and Safety, 1928.




Box     Contents


3          Diplomas, certificates, and awards.



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