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Descriptive Summary


Title:  Hans Barkan

Accession Number:  MSS 33

Linear feet occupied:  1.5

Extent:  2 boxes of reprints, sketches and correspondence from Herbert Hoover




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Barkan (Hans) 1882-1960


Note:   numbers after the decimal point refer to folder numbers, for example:

1.2 refers to box 1, folder 2.


Box no.           Contents


1.1                   Herbert Hoover to Hans Barkan, Aug. 26, 1949.

1.2                   Reprints, 1912-1915
                        Acute Suppourative Pericarditis in Infancy
                        Zur Frage der infantitlen und juvenilen Tabes
                        Herpes Iris of the Conjunctiva with report of a case
                        Infantile and Juvenile Tabes
                        On the Simultaneous Occurrence and Interrelation of Basedow's...
                        Postoperative Detachment of the Choroid
                        Progress of Opthalmology in the Year 1914

1.3                   Reprints, 1916-1925
                        Opthalmic Nursing
                        Some Ocular Defects in Mentally Retarded Children
                        The Ocular Complications of Dengue Fever
                        Ocular Angioneurotic Edema and Glaucoma
                        Glaucoma; A Critical Survey of Present Methods of Treatment
                        Magnet Extraction of Foreign Bodies...
                        Industrial Trauma in Relation to the Development of Ocular...

Cataract Extractions Performed by Prof. Josef Meller...
            Treatment of Lime Burn of the Eye (with Otto Barkan)
            Some Historical Incidents...Operation for Cataract
            Opthalmic Instruments of Scientific Precision

1.4                   Reprints, 1926-1932
                        Luetic Interstitial Keratitis of Traumatic Origin
                        Memories of Vienna Clinics
                        Air Embolism of the Retinal Vessels
                        Fracture of the Optic Canal
                        Pepys' Eye Complaint
                        Central and Paracentral Homonymous Hemianopic Scotomas
                        Agranulocytic Angina with Ocular Complications...
                        Highways and Byways in Opthalmology

1.5                   Reprints, 1934-1937
            Bilateral Glioma Treated by Radium
            Hereditary Congenital Ptosis
            Familial Cornea Plana, Complicated by Cataracta Nigra and Glaucoma
            The Doctor and OD Quarterly
            Ocular Syphilis: It's Treatment
            Operative Results in Cataracts Coincident with Dinitrophenol...

            Trichloracetic Acid in the Treatment of Iris Prolapse
            Essential Progressive Iris Atrophy

1.6                   Reprints, 1937 -1938
                        Diabetes and Retinitis
                        Keratoplasty -- Microscopic Study of the Corneal Grafts
                        Prevention of Ocular Complications in Tryparsamide Therapy
                        Surgery and Syphilis
                        The Occurrence of So-Called Dinitrophenol Cataracts...
                        Use of the Shahan Thermophore in Hyptotony of the Eyeball...

1.7                   Reprints, 1942 - 1954, and n.d
                        A Few Notes on the Spectacle
                        An Evaluation of Methods and Results of Cataract Operations...
                        The Barkan Library of the History of Medicine (by Charles O'Malley)
                        Reflections of a Retired Opthalmologist
                        Eye Clinic: Demonstration of Four Cases, n.d.

2.1                   Autographed sketch (reproduction) of Herbert Hoover (1933).
"To Dr. Hans Barkan, with [?] regards, Herbert Hoover."

2.2                   Framed letter to Dr. and Mrs. Barkan from Herbert Hoover (1950).


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