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Descriptive Summary


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Descriptive Summary


Title:  Emile Frederic Holman

Accession Number:  MSS 31

Linear feet occupied:  1.5

Extent:  2 boxes of reprints, biographical articles, audiotapes, and photographs




Container List


Holman (Emile F.) 1890-1977

Emile F. Holman Papers (1919-1973)


Note:   numbers after the decimal point refer to folder numbers, for example:

1.2 refers to box 1, folder 2.


Box no.           Contents


1.2                   Publications of Emile Holman, Vol. 1, 1919-1933


1.3                   Publications of Emile Holman, Vol. 2, 1933-1951


1.4                   Publications of Emile Holman, Vol. 3, 1951-1971


1.5                   Publications of Emile Holman, Vol. 4, various years


1.6                   Publications of Emile Holman, Vol. 4A, various years


1.7                   Biographical articles:

                        "Some comments on the life of Emile Frederic Holman"/ Peter Olch

                        "Emile Holman, a legend in his own time" (1 of 2)/ Victor Richards

                        "The beautiful Bengal tiger died of pneumonia"(2 of 2)

                        Memorial resolution

                        Photo of Holman with his portrait


1.8                   Miscellaneous articles:

                        Bereavement note from Dr. Ann Purdy

                        Memorial for Louise Dart Mitchell

"The obscure physiology of poststenotic dilation..."/ Emile Holman

(signed to Dr. Robert Chase)

                        William Stewart Halsted / Emile Holman (signed to Robert Chase)

                        Note from Emile Holman to Robert Chase (1973)

                        Programs (2) for Halsted Society annual meeting,

                        High Hampton Inn, Cashiers, North Carolina (1973)

                        William Stewart Halsted: An address before the Halsted Society (1973)

                        On rounds with Osler/ (transcript) with note to Robert Chase from

                        Dr. Edithe Levit


1.9                   6 audio-tapes.  Lectures and entertainment from the Halsted Society

                        annual meeting (1973),  Dr. Holman and Dr. Deryl Hart presenting


1.10-1.11         Photographs taken from album.  Note in album:  "Classes of Stanford

                        University, School of Medicine: 1929-1951.  (Students received the M.D.

                        degree after their internship, the fifth year)."


2.1                   Framed photo of Holman, signed to Roy Cohn.  "With the sincere regards

                        of Emile Holman, January, 1932."


2.2                   Framed photo of bust of Holman, with accompanying letter from artist,

                        George V. Webster, June 10, 1980.



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