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Descriptive Summary

Title: Ernest Charles Dickson
Accession Number: MSS 21
Linear feet occupied: 5 boxes (2 linear ft.)
Extent: 40 folders of correspondence, speeches and writings and miscellany
Provenance: Stanford University Dept. of Public Health and Preventive Medicine


Biographical Note


Ernest Charles Dickson, 1881-1939



Ernest Charles Dickson, B.A., M.B.,M.D. [Charles Edward Smith]
Stanford Medical Alumni Bulletin, v.3, no.1 (Nov. 1939)

Ernest Charles Dickson [A.L. Bloomfield]
Transactions of the Association of American Physicians, v.55, p.12 (1940)


Container List


Dickson (Ernest C.) 1881-1939

Ernest Charles Dickson papers, 1909-1939


Note:   numbers after the decimal point refer to folder numbers, for example:

1.2 refers to box 1, folder 2.


Box no.           Contents
1.1                   Correspondence. : American Public Health Association,[1920]
1.2                   Correspondence. : Calif. Olive Ass'n, 1920
1.3                   Correspondence. : [California State Board of Health, Je 19
1.4                   Correspondence. : Cal. State Board of Health, 1920
1.5                   Correspondence. : [California Packing Corporation, 1919]
1.6                   Correspondence. : [California Packing Corporation, 1920]
1.7                   Correspondence. : [California Packing Corporation, 1921-22
1.8                   Correspondence. : [Canners League of California, D 1919-S
1.9                   Correspondence. : [U.S.] Dept. Ag. Bur. Chem., 1920
1.10                 Correspondence. : Dept. of Agriculture, U. of C.
1.11                 Correspondence. : Dr. J.C. Geiger, 1920-1921 Jul.
1.12                 Correspondence. : Dr. K.F. Meyer, Correspondence to Sept.
1.13                 Correspondence. : [National Canners Association, N 1919-
1.14                 Correspondence. : [National Canners Association, 1921-192
1.15                 Correspondence. : [U.S. Dept. Agriculture, Bur.Chemistry
1.17                 Correspondence.: [Ray Lyman Wilbur, F 1917-Je 1919]

Box no.           Contents
2.3                   Correspondence. : [Miscellaneous Correspondence., Jy 1920-Je 1921]
2.4                   Correspondence. : Requests for reprints
2.5                   Correspondence. : Botulism - Exchange of cultures
2.6                   Correspondence. : [Botulism business Correspondence., 1917 Apr.-191


2.7                   Correspondence. : Botulism business Correspondence., [1920 Apr.-192


2.8                   Correspondence. : Botulism Correspondence, 1921 July 1
2.9                   Speech.& Writ. : Epidemiology of botulism [types
2.10                 Speech.& Writ. : Correspondence ections for "Epidemiology
2.11                 Speech.& Writ. : Collected reprints of Dr. E.C.

Box no.           Contents
3.1                   Speech.& Writ. : Collected reprints of Dr. E.C.
3.2                   Miscellany : Rese budget
3.3                   Miscellany : Lab book 
3.4                   Miscellany : [n.a.] A Study of the physiological
3.5                   Misc.: Lectures in bacteriology and immunity /
3.6                   Miscellany : about E.C. Dickson

Box no.           Contents
4.1                   Miscellany : Botulism clippings, 1920
4.2                   Miscellany : Botulism excerpts and reprints, nos.
4.3                   Miscellany : Botulism excerpts and reprints, nos

5.1                   Miscellany : Botulism excerpts and reprints, nos
5.2                   Miscellany : Botulism excerpts and reprints, nos
5.3                   Miscellany : Botulism excerpts and reprints, nos




(Taken from Index Medicus and the Stanford Authors catalog
 of the Lane Medical Library)

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117 p.

with Burke, G.S. and Ward, E.S.
Botulism. A study of the resistance of the spores of bacillus to various sterilizing agencies which are commonly employed in the canning industry.

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with Shevky, R.
Botulism; studies on the manner in which toxin of Clostridium botulinum acts upon the body. II. The effect upon the voluntary nervous system.
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et. al.
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Teaching of public health and preventive medicine.
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